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Newborn Behavioural Observations

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Newborn Behavioural Observations
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Maternity & the Newborn Forum, The Brazelton Centre UK

Newborn Behavioural Observations (NBO)


The NBO is best understood as a relationship building tool. It is inherently interactive and family-centred, because parents are involved as partners in the NBO session throughout. Therefore, while the NBO aims at fostering positive parent–infant interaction, it also aims at promoting a positive relationship – a partnership – between practitioner and parents. The Maternity and Newborn Forum of The Royal Society of Medicine are pleased to announce that this two day course is jointly organized with the Brazelton Centre UK. This course aims to support clinicians and parents to observe infants behavioural capacities and identify the type of support infants need for successful growth and development. The newborn behavioural observations (NBO) training course will consist of baby observations designed to support parents in reading their own baby’s signals and cues.  Research has shown this promotes positive interactions, increases parental confidence in caregiving, and practitioners’ knowledge and confidence. This course is designed for practitioners working with families and newborns wanting to learn more about baby behaviour. The NBO is recommended in the National Health Visiting Service Specification, 2014/15, NHS England, and the NBAS in the Healthy Child Programme, DH, 2009.


Dr Betty Hutchon describes the goals of the Newborn Behavioural Observation (NBO) training programme. Dr Hutchon presents an overview of the training, a history of the development of the NBO and discusses the behaviours of a newborn in detail.

By the end of the two day course, the participants will have learnt:

(1) Understand how new born babies communicate.

(2) Know about different behavioural states of infants.

(3) Understand infants self-regulatory behaviours.

(4) Know the signs of over-stimulation of boredom.

(5) Supporting parents in an infant’s first few weeks.

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