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The Civic Centre Sandyford Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
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29th to 31st March 2017, The Civic Centre, Newcastle


Excitingly, the UKCS is coming back to Newcastle after a 20 year break! Much has changed in Newcastle as has our speciality since 1997.

Newcastle is easy to get to and now boasts urban sophistication with modern museums and boutique hotels and has a renowned vibrant night life supported by a large student population. Alongside, the city retains the strong dialect that closely represents the 1500 year old anglo-saxon left in England and a will provide a wonderful historical backdrop for the 24th UKCS Conference.

The Scientific Programme will draw on international opinion leaders supplemented by our local expertise, offering a programme of choice and significant presentations to enhance our practice as doctors, physios and specialist nurses.

The 2017 Meeting is working to host contributions to the Programme from sister organisations which we hope will be the start of many inter-society collaborations in the future.

There will be long days but full of interest.

We will be hosting a regional pre-Conference Urodynamics Course contributing to re-accreditation on day one too.

The Programme itself will offer debates, free communications, breakfast session, practical hands-on opportunities, keynotes and parallel sessions.

Then always important to UKCS is the networking: on the first evening there will be geordie hospitality with a reception involving participation and perhaps inter-hospital competition. The second evening will be the Conference Dinner in the Victorian splendour of the Assembly Rooms.

The Local Committee is determined to ensure a lot of pace in the Programme over three days, lots of choice, great medical advancement as well as lots of fun.

Please plan your abstracts and incorporate the UKCS Annual Conference in your CPD planning for 2017.


General Information

The Civic Centre is a central landmark in the heart of the regional capital, Newcastle upon Tyne. Easily accessible by all major motorway links, we are just five minutes from Newcastle Central Station and only fifteen minutes from Newcastle International Airport.

In days gone by, council meetings were heralded by the shouts of the Town Crier and the peal of his bell, while several huge barrels of tar along the front of the building would be lit to draw the crowds to the hearings. So when The Civic Centre first opened in 1968, every step was taken to ensure that these traditions were incorporated into its cutting-edge design.

That’s why today, nine huge flambeaux still span the entrance to this beautifully designed building and can be lit on demand for any occasion. Combine this with the ringing of the 25 bells of the carillon to mark the start of your event, and you create the grandest of entrances for the occasion.

In fact, it’s this combination of our rich history, long-lasting traditions, and authentic modernist architecture that bring any functions to life, making The Civic Centre a true modern classic and a venue quite unlike any other.

So pass through the shadow of the magnificent bronze casting of the River God Tyne, and into the most prestigious building in the city for a truly unforgettable red carpet experience.

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About United Kingdom Continence Society – UKCS

The United Kingdom Continence Society is a multidisciplinary group of medical and allied health practitioners clinicians from all areas connected with urinary and faecal continence. The Society exists to improve standards, promote training and encourage research and exchange of information in continence care.

Originally founded in 1994 as ICS-UK, a UK branch of the International Continence Society, the first meeting was held in Bristol, under the chairmanship of Professor Paul Abrams. The society has since grown to over 400 members. These include specialist nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, care of the elderly physicians, clinical physicists, GP’s, urology and urogynaecologiy consultants and their trainees. The Society continues to host an annual research meeting every spring which is open to members and non-members. This provides a platform for participants to present their work in continence research and developing treatments in a friendly and constructive environment.

UKCS is keen to promote knowledge and understanding of incontinence to a wider public, including patients and those responsible for the formulation of healthcare policy. We are active in the field of raising standards in continence care. The Society offers certification in Urodynamics and in support of this host courses on Urodynamics around the UK. We aim to support our members with access to research grants plus bursaries for attendance at the Annual Meeting. This is financed through the proceeds of the Annual Meeting.

Contac information:

United Kingdom Continence Society – UKCS

UKCS Secretariat

c/o Index Communications Meeting Services

Crown House, 28 Winchester Road, Romsey

Hampshire, SO51 8AA, UK

T: + 44 (0) 1794 511331/2




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