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Fertility Clinics Budapest

Budapest, Hungary's Top Rated Fertility Clinics

Buda Fertility Center

At the Buda Infertility (IVF) Center, different types of interventions are performed on an outpatient basis after preliminary examination, ie the procedure is performed in the morning, and the patient is discharged with instructions in the evening,... more...

Budapest, Hungary

Fülöp István Fertility

My name is Istvan Fülöp, I am married and the happy father of three small children. I graduated at the Medical School of the University of Szeged, an infamous institute in South Hungary, and then did my residency in the beautiful town of... more...

Budapest, Hungary

IVF Pregancy center

We are very proud that two Hungarian Presidents, a Medical University, and the American Hungarian Foundation have recognized our successful clinical and research work and professionalism. In fact, we are now responsible for close to 2% of the annual... more...

Budapest, Hungary


The number of childless couples has increased steadily in the past decades, among others, due to the continuous latening of the age, when women undertake pregnancy, and also due to the gradual decay of productiveness within the population. The chance... more...

Budapest, Hungary


FertiCAD Ltd. was founded in 1996. The main goal of our company is to serve the market needs in the field of supply of infertility centers and the sale of other medical devices and equipment, causing the greatest possible customer satisfaction. We feel... more...

Budapest, Hungary

PGD Center

Prenatal diagnostics helps to prevent the birth of children affected with genetic diseases to parents who belong to a high-risk group. Genetic tests are performed by removing a small sample of the placenta (chorionic villus sampling or CVS), or by amniocentesis.... more...

Budapest, Hungary

Smart Choice Medical Travel

This company is the only Medical Services operator in Hungary. They are committed to finding overseas patients the best ... more...

Budapest, Hungary

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