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In Vitro Fertilization Bihar


They were able to deliver the first baby, Louise Joy Brown, using the technique of In-Vitro Fertilisation better known as IVF (or test-tube baby), by which an egg is fertilised outside the body and the embryo transfered back onto the uterus. Louise... more...

Patna, Bihar , India

Crysta IVF Patna

Ever since opening its doors to parenthood, Crysta IVF has provided far-fetched care to childless couples. Being a full-service and best fertility hospital in India, the state-of-the-art fertility unit remains committed to bettering the lives of couples... more...

Patna, Bihar , India

Indira IVF Begusarai

The diagnosis of infertility is often not absolute, but it is important from the outset to identify the cause of the infertility problem to determine for whom IVF treatment is imperative, for whom it is advisable and for whom it is probably a matter... more...

Begusarai, Bihar , India

indira IVF Bhagalpur

A new window of opportunity for becoming parents: Fully equipped IVF Center in Bhagalpur Pregnancy is the beginning of the couple towards the beautiful journey of parenthood. Expecting a newborn baby is thrilling and most testing time in the lives of... more...

Bhagalpur, Bihar , India

Indira IVF Gaya

With the opening of Gaya centre, Bihar owns its 7th Indira IVF clinic and India owns its 101st Fertility centre. Like all the other Indira IVF centres pan India, we are equipped with world-class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure at Gaya... more...

Gaya, Bihar , India

Indira IVF Kankarbagh, Patna

With the opening of our fertility centre in Kankarbagh, Patna owns its 2nd, Bihar owns its 6th and India owns its 86th fertility clinic throughout the country.  Oldest, most trusted and the best IVF hospital in India- Indira IVF along with its... more...

Patna, Bihar , India

Indira IVF Motihari

Overview of IVF One of the most popular assisted reproductive technologies or ARTs, In Vitro Fertilization, is can be a helpful remedy for infertility. If you are facing fertility problems, you may consider visiting our IVF centre in Motihari. The process... more...

Motihari, Bihar , India

Indira IVF Muzaffarpur

Embrace the joy of parenthood and overcome infertility at Indira IVF The best IVF center in Muzaffarpur Fertility treatment is anything that you can’t just go to any hospital and trust them, it’s about you, your life, your partner, your... more...

Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India

Indira IVF Patna

IVF Center in Patna, It’s been over three decades now since the first test tube baby was born; despite that, IVF treatments caught attention in the last few years. Though it’s a common infertility treatment and is available in all the countries... more...

Patna, Bihar , India

IVF Kolkata - Bhagalpur

Making the final decision to have a baby is magnificent. This is to choose once and for all to have your own heart go strolling outside your whole body and it is their tiniest feet which create the greatest footprints in our hearts. A baby also brings... more...

Bhagalpur, Bihar , India

Jyoti Punj Hospital

“Jyoti Punj Hospital” is women and child hospital located in the heart of Patna,the capital of Bihar,one of the fastest growing cities of the country. The hospital is spread over six floors and around 25,000 square feet dedicated to providing... more...

Patna, Bihar , India

Low Cost IVF

Mata Laxmi Nursing Home, a multi-specialty Medical, Research & Investigation center with advanced keyhole surgical facilities was commissioned 25th years ago to deliver accessible, high-quality health services in a focused and caring environment.... more...

Patna, Bihar , India



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