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Eurofertil IVF

Fertility Clinic
İstanbul, 34662

We bring the joy of children to hundreds of couples every year.

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Eurofertil IVF
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96 Nuhkuyusu Cd
İstanbul, 34662

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Monday to Saturday: 08.00 am — 04.00 pm (08.00 — 16.00)
Sunday: closed

About Eurofertil IVF

EUROFERTIL, which was licensed in April 2001, started accepting patients. With the highest level of service quality and a different approach, it has helped thousands of families experience the joy of children. Today, EUROFERTIL IVF Center, which serves more than a thousand patients a year, is one of the leading centers in Europe for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility with its experience of more than 20 years.


All levels of service are provided, from the simplest testing and treatment to the most complex assisted reproductive technologies. Raising the success graph with an endless effort has been the main aim of the center since its establishment. To date, it has successfully performed more than 30 thousand IVF applications. As a “Patient Friendly” center, EUROFERTIL provides patients with psychological support at every stage of the treatment.




  • It is the first private center in Turkey focused solely on the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. 
  • It offers all proven diagnostic and treatment methods simultaneously with the world.
  • To support the psychological state of the patients, the center environment is differentiated from the hospital atmosphere.
  • All staff working at the center are experienced and friendly. In particular, the medical staff consists of overseas experienced physicians and biologists. 
  • It offers a truly personalized treatment opportunity for different patients with different IVF treatment options.
  • It offers affordable pricing and payment options for every budget.
  • It is the only clinic that implements the Guaranteed IVF Program in Europe and Turkey. 
  • It offers an excellent experience with its ISO quality certificated service standard.


Pregnancy Rates 

It brings the joy of children to hundreds of couples every year.


Percentage of Pregnancy by Age (2800 Patients)

Under 35 years old:

  • U.S. — 54%


35–37 years old:

  • U.S. — 42%


38–40 years old:

  • U.S. — 30%


41–42 years old: 

  • U.S. — 17%


43–44 years old:

  • U.S. — 7,5%


Above 44 years old:


Eurofertil Team 

“The experience of the team is one of the most important factors determining success.

Dr. M. Hakan Özörnek — Medical Director

Dr. Alev Eroğlu — Gynecology and IVF Specialist

Dr. Arzu Çebi — Anesthesiologist 

Dr. Ayla Topal — Anesthesiologist

Prof. Dr. Ege Can Şerefoğlu — Urology Specialist

Dr. Nazlı Uçunoğlu — Clinic Coordinator

Emel Atasever — Embryology Laboratory Supervisor

Dr. Feriba Turhan — Laboratory Quality Control Officer

Şule Bektan — Psychologist

Kübra Burnaz — Patient Relations Coordinator



“You will always feel the service concept aimed at your comfort and happiness while you are with Eurofertil.”


By preferring EUROFERTIL, you are choosing one of the most important IVF and infertility treatment centers in Europe. Eurofertil team consists of physicians, embryologists, urologists, psychologists, and nurses who have contributed thousands of patients like you to have babies. You can be sure that they will devote all their knowledge and experience to your treatment.


All services with proven success in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility are offered simultaneously with the world. All the scientifically proven treatments applied across the world are performed at EUROFERTIL. 


  • Sperm Test and Washing

The sperm test is a sperm analysis to investigate fertility problems in men. Washing is the process of separating motile and healthy sperm from other sperm and cells. 


  • Hormone Analysis

They are blood tests to understand the ovarian capacity of the woman or to investigate the cause of infertility in women with menstrual irregularity.  


  • Hysteroscopy

It is the examination of the inside of the uterus with a magnifying optic system in cases of recurrent miscarriage or IVF failure when a problem is prognosticated in the uterus.


  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

It is the process of injecting the motile sperm selected by the washing method into the uterus with the help of a cannula. Before the IUI, the egg is developed in the woman, and ovulation is triggered with the cracking needle.


  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Eggs are retrieved from the woman with medication, sperm is taken from the man, and fertilization is performed in the laboratory environment. Then, the resulting fetuses (embryos) are placed in the uterus. The time from the beginning of the treatment to the embryo transfer is approximately 15–17 days.


  • Microinjection (ICSI)

Sperm is injected into the egg under the microscope and fertilization is achieved. It is a special form of IVF. ICSI is performed using very powerful microscopes and micromanipulators. The embryologist holds an egg with the help of a thin glass pipette and introduces the sperm into the egg with a glass needle seven times thinner than a human hair. Fertilization with the ICSI method is around 80% for each injected egg.


  • Testicular Sperm Extraction (Micro TESE)

Micro TESE is a surgical method applied to people who do not have sperm cells in their semen. With a microscopic operation, sperm is searched in the tissue taken from the patient’s testicles. It is a painless procedure performed under anesthesia.


  • Embryo Freezing (Vitrification)

It is the process of freezing good–quality embryos left over after embryo transfer for later transfer. These embryos can be thawed and used in later trials when necessary.


  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (NGS)

After the embryos are created, they are genetically examined and the genetically normal ones are selected to be placed in the uterus. Whole chromosome analysis determines whether all 46 chromosomes are numerically normal. When normal embryos are transferred, pregnancy rates increase, and the risk of miscarriage decreases.


  • Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, a treatment preferred by women who want to protect their reproductive health, is the primary choice of women who plan to become a mother at an advanced age.  In addition, it is a method used by women with a medical history and approaching menopause.


  • Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing is recommended for patients diagnosed with cancer before chemotherapy so that the undamaged sperm cells can be used after the treatment. Sperm are stored in special tanks in liquid nitrogen. Sperm samples can be stored for years without disruption in this way.


  • EmbryoScope

With the monitoring system called EmbryoScope, embryos are easily followed without leaving the device. The most important feature of this device is that it can monitor embryo development 24/7 and detect abnormalities in development rates. Thus, by choosing the healthiest embryo, the probability of pregnancy can be increased even more.


  • Serum Therapy (Intralipid)

It balances the immune system of the expectant mother and increases the chance of pregnancy in IVF patients who have failed several times. Serum treatment starts on the day of embryo transfer and is renewed every two weeks. It ends when the heartbeat is measured. The drug is administered intravenously in the form of serum.


  • Fertichip

It is a method used in sperm selection and positively affects fertilization. The microchip method ensures that healthy sperm are distinguished from the others. Higher pregnancy results can be achieved with embryos created from healthy sperm.


  • PRP

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a platelet–rich liquid material obtained by centrifuging the blood taken from the patient's self. It is rich in tissue reparative growth factors and cytokines. Ovarian PRP and Endometrial PRP procedures can be recommended in IVF treatment. 


Services Not Provided at Eurofertil 


According to the laws in Turkey, the following services cannot be provided at the center.


Donor program:

  • Egg 
  • Sperm 
  • Embryo


Gender selection

Egg bank





“The most important place of IVF centers, namely the kitchen of the business, is the embryology laboratory. 


  • IVF Laboratory

In vitro fertilization laboratory is the place where egg and sperm meet, fertilization and division take place.

In vitro fertilization, that is, the quality of the embryology laboratory is the most important factor that ensures high pregnancy rates. Eurofertil embryology laboratory is equipped with the latest model devices developed in the world. The aim here is to provide the same environment in the uterus as possible to the sperm and egg cells. 


  • Andrology Laboratory

Male infertility is the cause in half of the couples who want a child. The sperm test is very important in determining this. The type of treatment to be done largely depends on the result of the sperm test. Therefore, the sperm test should be done with extreme care and by experts.


  • Cryo Lab

Advances in freezing technology enable Eurofertil to offer an extremely successful Cryo Program. 

Surplus embryos in an IVF treatment can be frozen and stored for possible future embryo transfer after patient consent. Embryos stored by freezing are thawed and transferred when necessary. During this thawing process, 99% of the embryos remain viable. In cases of medical necessity, sperm and egg cells can be frozen. In particular, freezing the cells of patients who will receive cancer treatment allows them to maintain their chances of reproduction in the future. 

Eurofertil Laboratories is under the guarantee of the RI Witness Electronic Witness System.

IVF Treatment Steps 

  • Stimulation of the Ovaries: It lasts 10–12 days, medication is used every day. Patients come to the clinic for 2–3 check-ups.
  • Egg Collection: It takes 15–20 minutes, done under general anesthesia, painless.
  • Fertilization of Eggs: The development of the fertilized egg is followed for 2–5 days.
  • Embryo Transfer: 1–2 embryos with the highest chance of pregnancy are placed into the uterus under ultrasound guidance. It is painless and takes 5 minutes.
  • Pregnancy Support: It is a follow–up system that continues until the heartbeat is heard.



Top 10 Facts You Should Know About EUROFERTIL 


Quality service documented with ISO 9001:2015 certificate 


Over 30,000 IVF applications in 20 years 


Pregnancy rates above the European and United States average


Complication rates below the world average; ‘zero’ hypersensitivity reaction


EmbryoScope, NGS, Vitrification, Fertichip


Individualized fertility treatment plans


Full–time psychologist support


For Eurofertil, each patient is not just a number but a very special individual.


Every process in the laboratory is monitored electronically 24/7. There is no room for personal error.


Many different financial packages, including the guaranteed IVF.


How is the treatment organized at Eurofertil IVF Center? 

Steps to be followed when applying to Eurofertil IVF Center:

  1. Fill out the contact form on this website or contact the WhatsApp line at +90541 324 58 85. https://www.bebekistiyorum.com/randevu-talebi.aspx 
  2. At a convenient time for you, your patient counselor will contact you for the treatment process and will ask you to send scanned copies of previous diagnoses and treatment procedures to our e-mail address.
  3. The preliminary information received is analyzed by the doctor, and if determined suitable for treatment, free online video calls are made according to availability.


What is the cost of diagnosis and treatment at Eurofertil IVF Center?  

Our clinic believes that every couple can have children. When a family applies to the Eurofertil IVF Center, their journey begins with this belief. All questions regarding the cost of diagnosis and treatment are answered by the clinic's financier, who also helps choose the optimal treatment cost and offers various payment methods. Thus, each patient is ensured to feel at home in the clinic and focus solely on the treatment throughout the entire treatment process, in a stress-free environment, without worrying about the financial aspect of the issue.


Treatment Cost: 

  • IVF — from $1,750;
  • TESE — $1,200.


Contact Information

Address: Nuhkuyusu Street. No. 96 34662 Altunizade – Istanbul 

Tel: +90 216 47 47 047 

WhatsApp: +90 541 324 58 85 (whatsapp)

E-mail: [email protected] 

Web: www.bebekistiyorum.com 

Instagram: Bebekistiyorum 

Facebook: EUROFERTIL Tüp Bebek Merkezi 

Twitter: EUROFERTIL Tüp Bebek Merkezi 

YouTube: EUROFERTIL Tüp Bebek Merkezi

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