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In Vitro Fertilization Veneto

9 baby Fertility Center

The inauguration of the Center took place in June 2007 and since September of the same year it has been fully operational for all assisted procreation activities. The structure is spread over two floors for over 4,000 square meters. overall surface;... more...

Lancenigo, Veneto , Italy

A Way for Health

A Way for Health is a young reality that loves Italy and wants to offer all patients access to the best healthcare facilities in the country, while guaranteeing the possibility of living in complete relaxation, like real tourists, the territory in which... more...

Padova, Veneto , Italy

Eugin Vicenza

Since 1999, thousands of couples from all over the world have received  the support, assistance and emotional support  of our excellent team of medical specialists and biologists, dedicated exclusively to fulfilling  the dream of motherhood... more...

Vicenza, Veneto , Italy

Genera Veneto

The GENERA (Gynaecology, Endocrinology, Embryology, Assisted Reproduction) group was founded in 2008 with the aim of offering to the couple looking for a pregnancy, a complete and multidisciplinary assistance from the medical, technical and psychological... more...

Marostica, Veneto , Italy

Genesi srl

Medically Assisted Procreation - PMA - is a method that aims to find a solution to couple infertility. In most cases of infertility it is possible to intervene successfully; at our assisted fertilization center, with IVF-ICSI techniques, the percentage... more...

Martellago, Veneto , Italy

GynePro Treviso

Success rates (pregnancy rates) in MAP in GynePro Centers. Results verified by a third party certifying body during the external audit. N.B. Pregnancy rates are expressed per embryo transfer procedure. This is in order to make the data comparable with... more...

Pieve di Soligo, Veneto , Italy

Gynepro VERONA

Success rates (pregnancy rates) in MAP in GynePro Centers. Results verified by a third party certification body  during the external audit. NB Pregnancy rates are expressed per embryo transfer procedure . This is in order to make the data comparable... more...

Verona, Veneto , Italy

Sismer Padua

The constant and warm support of our patients is essential to motivate us to continue to dedicate all our strength to offer couples the best possible treatments and all the support they need in approaching a complex path such as that of Medically Assisted... more...

Padova, Veneto , Italy



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