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Egg Freezing Tokyo

Act One

You can choose from 4 overseas cities for Actone's egg donation program. Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Diego, Malaysia. Every fertility clinic is a great clinic with excellent doctors and modern equipment. Introducing the clinics of each city and the... more...

Chiyoda City, Tokyo , Japan

Asada Ladies Shinagawa Clinic

Asada Ladies Clinic is a clinic specializing in fertility treatment. Our goal is to achieve genuine happiness through fertility treatment. It's not just about "everyone's happiness". I want you to be happy with the result of being... more...

Minato City, Tokyo , Japan

Fertiliti clinic in Tokyo

Infertility Specialization General Infertility Testing & Treatment Artificial Insemination Advanced ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) In-Vitro Fertilization Microscopic Insemination(Piezo-ICSI/IMSI) Frozen-Thawed Embryo Transfer Oocyte... more...

Shibuya City, Tokyo , Japan

Hara Medical Clinic

(1) Respect for the human rights of patients and pursuit of treatment satisfaction  (2) Pursuit of fulfillment and happiness for the work of all employees  ( 3) Continuous improvement of safe and high-quality medical services ... more...

Shibuya City, Tokyo , Japan

Inoue Ladies Clinic

In the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, infertility and the "men and women of reproductive age want to become pregnant, there is a certain period of time, without having to contraception a normal sexual intercourse to continue looking... more...

Tachikawa, Tokyo , Japan

Kato Ladies Clinic

For women, we aim to maximize the power of women, minimize medical intervention, and aim for pregnancy in a form that is as close to nature as possible. This is the treatment policy that we have been cherishing since the hospital opened. We value the... more...

Shinjuku City, Tokyo , Japan

Kato Reclinic

"As little as possible the burden on the body, the baby you want without having to take a detour" when considering the infertility treatment, you should surely think so. Kato Redisclinic offers body-friendly fertility treatments , focusing... more...

Shinjuku City, Tokyo , Japan

Kiba Park Clinic

The six major pillars that affect ART (in vitro fertilization / intracytoplasmic sperm injection) performance are pre-ART (in vitro fertilization / microinsemination) examinations, selection of appropriate ovarian stimulation methods that evaluate ovarian... more...

Koto City, Tokyo , Japan

Kyono ART Clinic

Kyono ART Clinic Takanawa is an appointment-only infertility treatment facility specializing in advanced reproductive technologies such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF), micro fertilization, artificial insemination, and male infertility. Our professional... more...

Minato City, Tokyo , Japan

Oak Clinic group

Depending on the cause of infertility, case by case we are moving forward with the treatment of the condition of infertility; from use of the timing method and artificial insemination to In Vitro Fertilization and micro-insemination. We also set up... more...

Chuo City, Tokyo , Japan

Roppongi Ladies Clinic

Our clinic specializes in infertility treatment from general infertility treatment such as infertility test, timing guidance, and artificial insemination to advanced assisted reproductive technology.  For many years, I have been involved in obstetrics... more...

Minato City, Tokyo , Japan

Shinjuku ART Clinic

At our hospital, we mainly perform in vitro fertilization at natural and low stimulation cycles, making full use of patients' own hormones. This is because, if follicles are grown by ovarian stimulation beyond the physiological range, hormonal imbalance... more...

Shinjuku City, Tokyo , Japan



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