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Dunya IVF

Fertility Clinic
Kyrenia, Washington, 99320

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We offer full range of fertility treatment in our state-of the-art facility. We are the only clinic in Cyprus with Embryoscope Plus and RI Witness systems. We offer patient care in 8 languages and our clinic is fully licensed

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Company Name
Dunya IVF
Preferred Treatment Location
23 Kadife St
Kyrenia, Washington, 99320
United States

Clinic Details

Languages spoken
English French German Italian Arabic Russian other
Year Established
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday: 09.00am — 05:30pm
Saturday: 09.00 am — 01:30pm
ISO 9001

About Dunya IVF

In 2008, Doctor Berk Angun joined Dunya IVF Clinic in Kyrenia, Cyprus. Over the years, we have helped thousands of couples become families. As we continue to do so, our family has grown from 7 to 35 members, serving couples around the globe and speaking 8+ languages so that you can feel as comfortable as you can when you entrust your treatment to us.Our facilities and equipment are state of the art, and we are proud that our new clinic is one of the largest in the world.

We offer full range of IVF treatments including: IVF/ICSI, Egg donation, Sperm Donation, embryo Donation, PGD/PGS & Surrogacy.

1. High Success rates

We consistently achieve industry for all IVF treatments offered. Our patients are our No.1 priority and we continually strive to achieve industry leading pregnancy rates by upgrading our lab equipment and treatment protocols.

2. State of the art technology and equipment

We follow the latest developments in the IVF field and no expense is spared when our laboratory is concerned. Our world-leading lab consultant continuously attends congresses and advises us on maintaining state of the art technology and equipment.

3.Highly experienced specialist infertility team

Our clinic specializes in fertility and does not offer any other services. We concentrate on what we do best and that’s reproductive medicine.

4. ISO 9001:2008 certification

We worked hard for our quality management system and we were recognized for these effort via ISO 9001:2008 certification. All our clinic operations are ISO 9001:2008 compliant.

5. Tailor made treatment protocol for each patient

We believe that each patient is unique and hence this requires a tailor made treatment protocol. We take what we do seriously and offer the best treatment protocol possible for each patient.

6. EmbryoScope+®️ & RI Witness Standard in all Treatments

EmbryoScope+®️ and RI Witness were scientifically proven to help achieve higher pregnancy rates and avoid human error. We offer these 2 services as standard on all treatments for our patients.

7. Donors genetically screened

We understand the sensitivities of patients going through donation. We want to make this journey as comfortable as possible for our patients and hence offer genetic screening on all our donors. Genetic screening is done in addition to the ASRM guidelines on donor selection.

8. Largest egg bank in Cyprus

We use world leading cryopreservation media for our freezing programs and our embryologists were trained by the producers of these freezing media. We were the first egg bank in Cyprus and currently have the largest egg bank enabling us to better serve the needs of our patients.

9. No wait list and multi-ethnic donor base

We work hard to continuously make our donor pool as large as possible so that we can offer the most accurate match possible for our patients, as soon as they are ready for treatment. We currently have no wait list for almost all patient ethnicities.

10. Anonymous donation program

Our regulations dictate our donation program to be anonymous which is a much preferred method over the non-anonymous donation programs found in some countries.

11. Multilingual Patient Support

We believe that one of the ways to make our patients comfortable is to communicate with them in the language they feel comfortable in. Therefore, we currently have native speakers of Turkish, English, French, Russian and Arabic in our team and growing!

12. Advanced aged women and same sex couples treated

We can treat advanced age women and same sex couples under certain criteria.

13. Competitive pricing

Patients being our No.1 priority, we try to make as affordable to as many couples as possible. We offer industry leading pregnancy rates with competitive pricing.

14. Confidentiality

We take patient confidentiality seriously and never disclose any information about your treatment to anybody but you. Your data is kept securely and confidentially in our archives.

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Dunya IVF Procedures

Surrogacy with egg donation + own surrogate mother

Surrogacy with egg donation, own sperm and own surrogate mother bundle’s fee is 7000 Euros. It has to be a heterosexual...

Price 7000.00

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Surrogacy with own eggs and sperm and own surrogate mother

Surrogacy with own eggs and sperm and own surrogate bundle’s fee is 4500 Euros. It has to be a heterosexual couple...

Price 4500.00

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PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis)

PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) bundle’s basic fee is 6000 EUR. PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) is...

Price 6000.00

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Embryo donation

Embryo donation involves the IVF—ICSI protocol as it is a standard IVF—ICSI with egg donation and sperm donation...

Price 6500.00

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IVF with embryo donation

IVF with embryo donation (embryo donation) bundle costs 6500 EUR. Embryo donation is exclusively designed for the couples...

Price 6500.00

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Sperm donation

Sperm donation involves the IVF—ICSI protocol as it is a standard IVF—ICSI with sperm donation cycle just termed...

Price 4500.00

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IVF with sperm donation

IVF with sperm donation (sperm donation) bundle costs 4500 EUR. Sperm donation is an ideal option if the intended father...

Price 4500.00

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Egg donation

Egg donation involves the IVF—ICSI protocol as it is a standard IVF—ICSI with egg donation cycle just termed...

Price 5500.00

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IVF with egg donation

IVF with egg donation (egg donation) bundle costs 5500 EUR. Egg donation is an ideal option if the intended mother faces...

Price 5500.00

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IVF with ICSI (in vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

IVF with ICSI (in vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic sperm injection) bundle costs 3000 EUR. Typically, the whole process...

Price 3000.00

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Dunya IVF

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