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Gyno Life IVF Center

Fertility Clinic
Lefkoşa, 99010

Because at GynoLife, we are committed to excellence and a promise to personally care for you in your journey to becoming parents, a jouney we know is filled with challenges hope and ultimately, joy unending.

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Clinic Name
Gyno Life IVF Center
Preferred Treatment Location
8 Ragıp Kenan Sk
Lefkoşa, 99010

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Languages spoken
English German Arabic Russian other
Year Established
Hours of Operation
Monday – Saturday: 08:00 am — 06:00 pm (08.00 — 18.00)

Gyno Life IVF Center follows the legal and ethical rules regarding IVF treatment in Cyprus.

The Gyno Life IVF Center, which determines success and patient satisfaction as the primary goal and consequently has very high levels of patient satisfaction, and the only centre with an 80-90% pregnancy success rate. Our centre in Cyprus is proud of this achievement and is rapidly progressing to become one of the reference centres in Europe within the field of IVF treatment.

With its young, dynamic, innovative and experienced team, the Gyno Life IVF is the only IVF centre that constantly updates itself in the field of IVF in Cyprus and closely follows and applies the current developments in the world.

Success is a team effort. The Gyno Life IVF Center is a team that is highly experienced in this business, working with high energy and motivation, with a focused staff and professional service in the family friendly environment.

Chief Medical Director at the Center Op. Dr. Murat Önal shares all his knowledge and experience with his patients in order to improve our pregnancy rates, and to be at the highest levels of success. The doctor-patient relationship must be uninterrupted. He is always with his patients with a smile on his face, empathising and a success-oriented approach. Furthermore, our patients can be in continuous contact with the doctor.

The embryology lab of our IVF centre in Cyprus is of European standard and equipped with the most advanced technology. We are very proud of the results of our laboratory and team of highly experienced embryologists.

Furthermore, our IVF centre has the largest donor portfolio in Cyprus. It is the only IVF centre with donors of many races and ethnic origins without waiting lists, where the most accurate donor candidates are identified, preferably by photographic matching to the patients, listening to the family’s requests, are carefully taken into account and their physical criteria, by the most experienced donor coordinator in Cyprus.

What you want is very important to us. We listen to you in every way, understand and work towards these needs and requests.

Our aim is not to leave a home without a baby and to be even better every day.

IVF Treatments we offer:

●Egg Donation

●Infertility Treatment

●Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

●Mikroçip Uygulaması

●Insemination Treatment

●Micro Injection (ICSI)

●Embryo Donation

●Sperm Donation

●Embryo Freezing

●Egg Freezing

●Sperm Freezing

Create miracles with us...

Our in vitro fertilization center in Cyprus consists of people who have proven expertise and are continuously defeating themselves by following medical developments around the world. Our young, dynamic, experienced and innovative team and our IVF center in Cyprus will help you to get your biggest dream get real.

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