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Orrchid The Fertility Centre

Fertility Clinic

Orrchid Fertility Centre is a place where such couples can realize their dream of parenthood.

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Orrchid The Fertility Centre
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LBS Road

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English other
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Monday to Friday 9am — 5pm

About Orrchid The Fertility Centre

Parenthood is eternally rewarding and most fulfilling experience for a couple, unfortunately there are few couples who are devoid of this happiness. Orrchid Fertility Centre is a place where such couples can realize their dream of parenthood.

We at Orrchid Fertility Centre understand the pain and agony of childless couples and offer a wide range of services including modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for infertility treatment all under one roof.

  • Orrchid Fertility Centre is the forefront of Fertility Care with consistent Success Rates at par with the Best clinics in the world

  • The Centre offers state of the art facilities for ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) procedures like IUI, IVF and ICSI.

  • The Centre has a Top Class High End IVF lab among the best in the world with the most advanced methods & technologies.

  • We have all necessary equipments & expertise like separate Andrology lab, IVF lab, Ovum pick up OT, Embryo transfer room & IUI room for better functioning & better outcome.

  • Color Doppler Sonography machine to monitor follicular development & endometrial blood flow for better decision making regarding super ovulation in IUI , IVF and ICSI.

  • For patient convenience we offer all facilities under one roof like Consultation & examination of both Husband & Wife, Ultrasonography, Hormone analysis & other routine blood tests, Endoscopic surgery for ART(hysteroscopy & laparoscopy)

  • Personalized attention and world class medical care provided to every couple by Dr. Sanjeev Khot and his team members.

  • World-class care with superior clinical outcomes, at affordable costs.

  • Our aim is to give the most comprehensive technologically advanced fertility care and comfort to the couples.

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