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Mothercare Hospital

Fertility Clinic
Pune, Maharashtra, 411037

We are driven by our values. When making a potentially life-changing decision, you want to know caring that your clinic cares passionately about you and your experience.

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Clinic Name
Mothercare Hospital
Preferred Treatment Location
587 Haji Kadirbhai Satarkar Marg
Pune, Maharashtra, 411037

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English other
Hours of Operation
Monday to Saturday 10am — 12pm

The first validated successful delivery by Dr C. S. Sada can be traced back to Ruby Hall Clinic in 1993. Now 28, the boy pursued premedical. Practice of Obstetrics and he is now a doctor (science of delivery) which got engraved then motivated him to establish this Mothercare Hospital; a place where would-be-mothers (expectant mothers) are cared and nurtured. Located aptly in the residential zone is an ideal place for mothers who require quite and friendly atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.  

Almost 22 years ago, Mothercare Hospital was purely a maternity hospital now a multispeciality unit improvised to provide high tech assisted conception treatments and Advanced Endoscopic Surgery. Dr.Sada, Medical Director, having trained from United Kingdom in Assisted Reproductive Technology has added many sophisticated equipments for modern practice of infertility. He has featured in Indian Express for removing large tumors (uterine fibroid) and for delivering Pune’s First Vitrified Embryo Transfer Baby recently. 

Today, Mothercare Hospital is synonymous with painless normal delivery unit where pregnant women are pampered and cared like none. Normal vaginal delivery is the norm of this centre and many patients are witness to it.

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