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Fertility Solutions

Fertility Clinic
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2138

Welcome to Fertility Solutions, a center founded by an award-winning team of female physicians who are passionate about helping couples and individuals build their families.

Contact Information

Clinic Name
Fertility Solutions
Preferred Treatment Location
330 Mount Auburn Street [Mount Auburn Hospital]
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2138
United States

Clinic Details

Languages spoken
English Spanish Portuguese
Hours of Operation
Tuesday and Thursday 7.30am — 4pm

About Fertility Solutions

n vitro fertilization, commonly referred to as IVF, is a laboratory procedure where eggs are fertilized by sperm outside of the womb. During IVF, eggs are retrieved from a woman’s ovaries and combined with a semen sample from the male in a laboratory dish (in order to become fertilized). Once an embryo is created, it is either transferred into the uterus to achieve pregnancy or cryopreserved for future use.

When Is IVF Recommended?

IVF is often used to treat individuals who have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, endometriosis-related infertility, inherited genetic diseases, recurrent miscarriages and low sperm count or motility. In vitro fertilization is also used by couples who have tried other fertility treatments without success. Every patient has a unique medical situation.

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