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Cuajimalpa, El Yaqui, Ciudad de México, 05320

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We are leading clinic in Mexico

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Carretera Mexico -Toluca No 5420 Piso 5
Cuajimalpa, El Yaqui, Ciudad de México, 05320

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Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm

About Ingenes

Ingenes es el Instituto líder en fertilidad y genética con la mayor experiencia y reconocimiento con las tasas de éxito más altas de Latinoamérica.

As an Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Institute, Ingenes has the highest success rates in Latin America 96%, and clinics in the US, but most importantly, we have delivered more than 15,000 newborns.

Our Team has extensive experience in managing the most diverse infertility issues. We implement the most transparent infertility–cause’ authentication techniques in our everyday practice.

Top 13 things you should know about us

1 — Coming back with the newborn — having your [email protected] with the least physical, emotional and financial stress.

2 — Navigating you through your journey from your First Visit and First Consultation in Ingenes is our top–priority thing. Patients will have a clear understanding of their diagnosis, treatment options, payment options, and timeline. The Ingenes Medical Doctor will also refer patient – if needed– to additional bloodwork/testing, genetic preimplantation screening, egg/sperm donor options as required, offering a 360° solution to our patients.

3 — Investigating and suggesting you the treatment solutions are two paradigms that are in the core of our mission. We know many factors that cause infertility, therefore, we recommend our Patients our multi–cycle bundles because usually, it is necessary to synchronize ideally everything to reach your dream of getting pregnant. Sometimes, two or more cutting–edge IVF cycles are designed to reach success. And this is absolutely normal. Ideal investigation and ideal synchronization of everything needs timing. We have Brilliant Solutions for our Patients. With our exclusive multi–optional [email protected] Programmes, Patients can have their Miracle (baby) three times faster than under natural conditions, reaching a success rate of up to 96%, with the least emotional and financial stress.

4 — Our Shared Risk – Money Back Guarantee Programmes, demonstrating our commitment to achieving your

5 — Giving great importance to ethics and human values, we seek to reach our patient’s goals as a result of doing what is right, under a rigorous Code of Ethics, and more than 12yrs of experience as an Institution, and highly qualified and experienced Medical Doctor Fertility Experts, Biologists, Genetics and Laboratory Staff.

6 — 7x24 medical assistance.

7 — We have state of the art premier facilities and technological infrastructure to provide integral and comprehensive care to our Patients. You will find modern surgical, recovery rooms, clinical analysis’ rooms, andrology laboratory, assisted reproduction (IVF) laboratory, genetic screening laboratory, fully equipped exploratory, and comfortable medical consultation rooms.

8 — Performing the highest rate of cycles in Latin America, surpassing many of the most prestigious clinics in the US and Europe.

9 — Providing a great range of options to our Patients, we are committed to increasing their success at having their tiny bundle of joy at home and leaving our Ingenes office with a “full hands, not empty hands.”

10 — Being in constant research, development, and innovation we are constantly following a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

11 — Providing formal higher education to the medical community through our Master’s Degree in Gynecological Endocrinology and Infertility Programs, we facilitate the implementation of the cutting–edge solutions in our everyday practice and giving an outstanding opportunity for the students to prove that they are the best in this field.

12 — Solving the most difficult infertility cases, we not only bring new hope, but we also bring new Miracles in this World.

13 — Being endorsed by the National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT) and recognized by international institutions such as the Latin American Assisted Reproduction Network (Red Lara) and Fertility Centers of Illinois, we are committed to becoming one of the leading clinics in the world.

Our Mission

We are the expert and innovative Institute in Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, helping the greatest number of people achieve their dream of having their small bundles of joy, in the least number of attempts, under a comprehensive 360°–care approach, guided by our high ethical standards and values. You are in safe hands.

Our Vision

We have the best solution to make your dream come true. United for creating the Miracles, we do our best to turn your dream into a real thing.

Our Core Values Are Honesty, Humane and compassionate care, Commitment



—We will not recommend our Patients what they don’t need.

—We will always recommend what is right and

best for our Patients.

—We are authentic, transparent and truthful to our Patients and with each other.

Humane and compassionate care

—We fully understand the difficult situation that our Patients go through.

—We treat our Patients with empathy, warmth, and compassion.

—We are respectful and give our Patients the attention, the privacy and the discretion they need.

—We are prudent and respectful in our communication with our Patients.


—We are committed to success. We navigate our Patients from the moment they step in the Clinic’s Hall till the moment they leave us with their newborn bundle.

—We never give up.

—We are loyal to our Patients, among ourselves and to all those who support and advocate in our mission.


—We strive to achieve the highest standards in everything we do.

—We are meticulous and perfectionists.

—Our essence in quality drives us to strive continuously to improve what we do and how we do it.

—We build teamwork to solve each case as if it were the only case to be solved.


—We listen to our Patients and colleagues, as their opinion is essential to our work and fulfilling our mission.

—We are congruent and we honor our word.

—We have an open attitude and try always to mediate.

—We keep a strict privacy and confidentiality code with our patient’s personal data.


—We are committed to the safety of our Patients and base our decisions on clear facts, always in the best interest of our Patients.

The Miracles start here, in Ingenes Fertility & Genetics Institute.

First Consultation with our Medical Team Representative is your first experience 

Our unique 360° Consultation Approach makes it possible for every Patient to get in touch with our Medical Team easily. We are always staying tuned to get connected with every Patient who turns for our help. This is your first positive experience.

One Online Consultation with the Ingenes MD** for every Patient

Do not miss your opportunity to know us, share with Ingenes MD** your medical history and share the results of any recent medical studies, ask all questions, alleviate concerns, have a better understanding of Ingenes Programmes, and “Shared Risk–Money Back Guarantee Programme” understand timeline and identify the Ingenes Facility that best suits you. Get in touch with us today!

First Online Consultation and Your First Visit

First Visit at Ingenes Facilities includes:

—Medical file

—Transvaginal ultrasound

—Trial transfer

—Semen analysis & screening for bacteria

—Ingenes MD** Diagnosis

—Treatment options

—Payment options

The Total Consultation Fee is $450.

What Programs do we have?

—Own Eggs Programmes

—Egg Donor Programmes

—Conventional IVF cycle

—Gender Selection Programmes

—PGS, Preimplantation Genetic Screening

—SI, Score of Implantation

—PGD, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for Monogenic Diseases

—Annual Storage Fee for Frozen Embryos

—Annual Storage Fee for Frozen Sperm

—Bloodwork (case by case)

—Surgeries not related to IVF (case by case)

—Screening programs (all–inclusive male and female screening programs)

Time–framing your journey from dream to the first heartbeat 

IVF cycles with fresh embryo transfer timeline. Your journey to fresh embryo transfer is approximately 21 days.

If PGS or PGD Monogenic Testing is required, the total timeline may extend an additional 25 days, or Patient may consider going back home, conducting remote preparation for Transfer, and returning to Mexico for Transfer Date. In this case, the total timeline you should be present in Ingenes Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Institute would be estimated at 16–17 days and Patient returns for Transfer for an additional 3 days.

The treatment options we don’t offer in Ingenes Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Institute

—Traditional Surrogacy

—Gestational Surrogacy

United to create the tiny Miracles for You! 
Ingenes Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Institute

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Additional Service Areas

Ingenes Procedures

Egg Donation

Egg Donation from our Ingenes Bank (Included only in our Egg Donor Programs) — $1,900.United for creating tiny Miracles...

Price 1900.00

Request Information »

IVF with sperm donation

IVF with sperm donation multi–cycled bundles can be also designed if needed. International Sperm Bank’ s fee...

Price 10055.00

Request Information »

Score of Implantation

SI, Score of Implantation1 cycle (*6 embryos) — $4,150 (10% Discount — $3,735)2 cycle (*6 embryos) — $7,050...

Price 3735.00

Request Information »

IVF with PGD

PGD or Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for Monogenic Diseases Technique’s cost is not included in our conventional...

Price 14855.00

Request Information »

IVF with PGS

PGS or Preimplantation Genetic Screening Technique’s cost is not included in our conventional IVF multi–cycles’...

Price 13230.00

Request Information »

IVF with gender selection

In Ingenes Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Institute we have Gender Selection technique (Eligender, Sex Selection Institute).GENDER...

Price 12420.00

Request Information »

IVF with egg donation (one additional cycle after failed attempts in other programs)

In Ingenes Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Institute, we have also One conventional IVF cycle with egg donation (one...

Price 7850.00

Request Information »

IVF with egg donation “Shared Risk Program—Money Back Guarantee 100%”

Authentic and secure IVF with egg donation multi–cycled bundle PRO. Designed by PRO exclusively for you. Ideally synchronized...

Price 14350.00

Request Information »

IVF with egg donation (Four conventional IVF cycles includes up to 4 fresh and 4 frozen IVF cycles)

IVF with egg donation Four conventional IVF cycles includes up to 4 fresh and 4 frozen IVF cycles (FET)* — four in...

Price 12950.00

Request Information »

IVF with egg donation “Shared Risk Program—Money Back Guarantee 50%”

Meet the exclusive IVF with egg donation multi–bundle “Shared Risk Program–Money Back Guarantee 50%”...

Price 11565.00

Request Information »

IVF with egg donation (Three conventional IVF cycles — up to 3 fresh and 3 frozen IVF cycles)

Up to three fresh and 3 frozen IVF cycles in three conventional IVF with egg donation bundle. No, that is not a typo–IVF...

Price 12250.00

Request Information »

IVF with egg donation (Two conventional IVF cycles — up to 2 fresh and 2 frozen IVF cycles)

Sometimes it is impossible to retrieve, collect or fertilize the Patient’s own oocytes. These cases are usually taken...

Price 10950.00

Request Information »

Ingenes Reviews

Submitted by Maribel Rivero on Thursday, May 19, 2022

Ingenes puso el cielo a mis pies

Overall Rating

La primera pregunta que nos hizo el Dr. Camargo al atendernos fue “Cuantos bebes quisieran tener?” Mi esposo y yo no supimos qué responder pues tras casi 10 años de procedimientos e intentos lograr 1 bebé era una quimera. Gracias a la constancia y de este doctor, a la comunicación y cercano seguimiento con la enfermera Fernanda, al acompañamiento psicológico y a todo el equipo de Ingenes hoy mis gemelos -niña y niño- cumplen 6 meses de nacidos. Gracias Ingenes por bajar mis estrellitas y hacer de nuestro anhelo de ser padres una realidad!

Submitted by Emily on Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019

Very informative 'interfaces' of every treatment bundle.

Overall Rating

So many treatment bundles that it is possible to choose from the basic program to 50% or even 100% money–back guarantee program. Very informative 'interface' with all treatments and their costs so I found the info about egg donation just in one click. Do all your branches have the same costs for treatment or there is some difference?

Submitted by Mallika on Thursday, Sep 05, 2019

I found so many multi—cycled IVF programes with guaranteed money—back 50% or full cost.

Overall Rating

So cool! I found so many multi—cycled IVF programes that are let me say, Blendable with egg donation option, what is more SUPERB is that there are IVF programs with guaranteed money—back 50% or full cost. Really worth of trying when I would be ready to do that (as I am thinking about IVF with egg donation)..

Submitted by Taylor on Friday, Jul 26, 2019

No answer

Overall Rating

I'm interested in hearing more about your egg freezing services & your embryo freezing services. What is your clinic's process like, and some costs? Please send me info at your earliest convenience. No answer from you. Strange.

Submitted by Juliettee on Wednesday, Jul 10, 2019

No answer.

Overall Rating

I was looking for IVF with egg donation (all programs that are possible to have in your clinic). No answer.

Submitted by Brit on Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019

No answer received for IUI vs mini—IVF treatment questions.

Overall Rating

Hello.. I wanted to compare IUI treatment and mini—IVF treatment (chosen mini—IVF treatment as an alternative to IUI as the stimulation is minimal and the medications that are prescribed are with less side effects than intensive stimulation cycle). Wanted to try several cycles of IUI first (IUI was my top priority as it is non—invasive and there are natural IUI cycles (minimal stimulation in IUI also was possible for me). So, I was wondering about pros & cons, time frame, costs, successful rates, how often IUI can be performed if I would not conceive after the first cycle. I did not receive the answer.

Submitted by Aish on Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019

Sent my inquiry in the mid—June — No reply

Hello there. Wanted to know the cost for IVF with oocyte donation (but only a mixed race and is it possible to see the photos) in this clinic. Sent my inquiry in the mid—June. No reply. Will chose more IVF clinics in the other Latin countries to do my IVF cycle.

Submitted by Dareen on Monday, Jul 08, 2019

I sent my inquiry a long time ago and still, there is no reply.

Overall Rating

I wanted to know do you have surrogacy with gestational carrier, if yes, what are the packages & costs? I sent my inquiry a long time ago and still, there is no reply.

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