No reply from here.

Needed information about IVF with egg donation (plus all egg donor programs that you have). No reply from here.

Submitted by Juliettee on Wednesday, Jul 10, 2019


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No one from here contacted me.

I have my tubes tide, I do not want to have a reversal and I just wanted to skip straight to IVF. Wondered if it is possible in my case? What is the cost? No one from here contacted me.

Submitted by Patient on Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019

No answer received for IUI vs mini—IVF treatment questions.

Hello... I wanted to compare IUI treatment and mini—IVF treatment (chosen mini—IVF treatment as an alternative to IUI as the stimulation is minimal and the medications that are prescribed are with less side effects than intensive stimulation cycle). Wanted to try several cycles of IUI first (IUI was my top priority as it is non—invasive and there are natural IUI cycles (minimal stimulation in IUI also was possible for me). So, I was wondering about pros & cons, time frame, costs, successful rates, how often IUI can be performed if I would not conceive after the first cycle. I did not receive the answer.

Submitted by Brit on Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019

Unfortunately, did not receive the reply

Hi there. I was wondering about IVF with oocyte donation in the the mid—June. Wanted to know if it is possible to chose a mixed race oocyte donor and is it possible to see the photos in this clinic. And surely, what would be the costs for this cycle. Unfortunately, did not receive the reply. So, will send more inquiries to the other IVF clinics in Latin countries.

Submitted by Aish on Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019

No information sent from you.. I am interested in having gestational carrier

Hi, I was wondering about surrogacy with a gestational carrier in your fertility center. Do you do fresh IVF cycle plus gestational surrogacy? Is there the option as travelling egg donor? Is there the option to have Mexican egg donor or embryo adoption with gestational carrier? What are the time frames? What are the costs? No info received yet. Hope, you can send me an email with info as I want to look through and think about Pros & Cons of every package so that I can compare everything and choose the best for me..

Submitted by Moses Fallah on Monday, Jul 01, 2019