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Ginecologia y Fertilidad Dr.Otto Valdes

Sterility in a couple is defined as the inability to conceive a child after having unprotected sex for a year.

When the woman's age approaches or exceeds 37 years, this period should be reduced to 6 months. Most of the time there is no absolute sterility, but more or less important difficulties, which make it very difficult to get a pregnancy spontaneously.

There are numerous causes that can produce a situation of sterility in a couple. Through the clinical study of women and men it is possible, in most cases, to detect the problem and solve it. Sometimes simply; others through much more complex specific procedures. This is the field of action of the Assisted Human Reproduction Units. In general, it is relatively easy to know if the sterility that affects a couple is of male or female origin.

In our experience we have found, based on the couples we have been treating, that the causes of male origin show an increase over those of female origin. On many occasions, we find problems in both, that is couples whose infertility has a double cause (male and female), this percentage is estimated at more than 30%.

Finally, it is admitted that despite all diagnostic advances, in 5-10% of couples sterility remains of unknown origin. It is always necessary to conduct a complete study of the couple, to find out the cause of their sterility. Once this is known, the treatment deemed most appropriate for each case is proposed.

Accepted by the couple, the treatment begins, until we verify that the pregnancy has been achieved. Subsequently, each patient is referred to their gynecologist to follow up the pregnancy and to perform the delivery, which is no different from that achieved by natural means. All this with the most modern technology to perform each technique with the greatest guarantees of success.