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The Fertility Institutes

Fertility Clinic
New York, New York, 10065

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The Fertility Institutes
Preferred Treatment Location
51 E 67th St
New York, New York, 10065
United States

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English other
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Monday to Friday 11am — 8pm

About The Fertility Institutes

As a result of practicing successful Reproductive Medicine in several locations, we have been able to finely tune our approach to the complex medical details and issues involved in helping couples become new parents. We have developed a highly sophisticated computer monitoring protocol and system that allows us to track each patients treatment course with a very high degree of accuracy. We use a secured internet file transfer protocol to transmit ultrasound images and embryo development data between offices, allowing our specialists at several locations to combine their expertise and carry out daily joint case reviews on all active patients.

The Fertility Institutes Laboratory

Working in Southern California as well as in New York and Guadalajara, patient confidentiality is a major issue for many of our clients. Each patient at the Fertility Institutes is assured the utmost in protection of their records and data. While we have shared the media spotlight on numerous occasions, in every instance, this has occured only with the full consent, cooperation and at time request of the patients involved.

Through our volunteer efforts at the Center in Mexico, we are called upon by various pharmaceutical companies to assist in the evaluation of promising new medical treatment protocols to overcome problems such as poor responses to available fertility drugs and recurrent pregnancy loss.

For patients living in areas served by our offices, and for others considering travel to the Fertility Institutes, we feel obligated to provide the highest levels of infertility care available. It is our hope that if you are seeking medical help for an infertility problem that you will take advantage of our open offer to assist you in every way possible, even if you are not a patient of ours. We maintain and constantly strive to update this Web site to provide those seeking information about the world of infertility treatment a friendly, helpful resource to assist them in their studies.

If you or someone you know are looking for health care providers whose primary driving force is the pursuit of successful scientific accomplishment based on a foundation of compassionate concern for patients and their goals, we sincerely hope that you will consider our organization in this regard!

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