Fertility Clinic
Sankt Hanshaugen, Oslo, 0176

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Clinic Name
7 Pilestredet Park
Sankt Hanshaugen, Oslo, 0176

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Languages spoken
English other
Year Established
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8am — 3.30pm


Fertilitetssenteret has focus on providing couples a personal and professional evaluation and treatment. For most couples not being able to conceive can be very stressful. Our goal is therefore to offer treatments in a caring environment, where major emphasis is placed on accessibility, personal attention and emotional support. Our fertility experts will provide realistic advice and information regarding the possibilities for a successful treatment.

Approximately 10 percent of the population will experience infertility. Disturbance of ovulation, damaged fallopian tubes and impaired sperm quality are some of the causes. Our clinic has for nearly 20 years been assisting these couples.

Fertilitetssenteret has contact with several leading clinics in Europe and the United States. This helps maintain a high professional standard for everyone in the team.