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Cultivation of embryos in Time-lapse incubator (EmbryoScope) Latvia

Price: €400.00EUR

Vitrolife EMBRYOSCOPE+ (Time-Lapse) incubator is now available at Clinic EGV 


Medical fertilisation is used to help couples, who cannot conceive a child themselves. As technologies develop, science finds new ways of making the medical fertilisation process even more efficient. One such device is the Vitrolife EMBRYOSCOPE+ (Time-Lapse system) incubator, which is now available at Clinic EGV!

The environment of the incubator is very special — just like in the abdomen of a mother, providing the optimum level of heat and other conditions that benefit growth. Embryos stay there for a couple of days after the medical fertilisation procedure and afterwards they are transferred to the uterus of a woman.

Vitrolife EMBRYOSCOPE (Time-Lapse) enables comprehensive monitoring of the development of each embryo in the finest detail in order to select the best of the best. The device uses a camera and a powerful microscope to observe the embryo in real time.

Thus, an embryologist receives more detailed information, which enables the evaluation of the condition of the embryo.

Research shows that use of the embryoscope considerably improves the successful outcome of medical fertilisation, as well as reduces the risk of miscarriage.

Conceive the child that you have been longing for by using the cutting edge technologies at Clinic EGV!

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