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Donor Egg Cycle Latvia

Price: €6,510.00

Anonymous donors only. 

Egg donation program (examination of the donor and preparation for ovarian puncture, anesthesia, egg collection, fertilization with PICSI method, embryos culture up to the 3rd day in the special environment (culture medium of hyaluronate), embryo transfer with the assistance of embryo implantation promoting environment, comfortable chamber in the day patient department for up to 2 hours), coordination.

Additional costs:

Embryo freezing – vitrification (1-2 cryo - devices)520.00
Embryo freezing – vitrification (3-4 cryo - devices )620.00
Embryo freezing – vitrification (5-6 cryo - devices)720.00

Embryo culture from the 3rd day to the 5th/6th day (blastocyst cultivation)440.00
Cultivation of embryos in Time-lapse incubator (EmbryoScope)400.00
Preparation of embryo implantation into the uterine cavity (assisted hatching)440.00

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