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Egg Freezing Latvia

Price: €3030

Egg freezing – oocyte vitrification (6 oocytes) package approximate cost is € 3030 – € 3690. Egg freezing involves medicated ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval puncture and Egg freezing – vitrification. The approximate fee covers the following procedures:

(1) Medicines for stimulation will cost approx. 1500.00 –1800.00 EUR (the price for medicines can not be fixed and predictable as every patient has her own reaction on medicines and each of them needs individual dose of stimulation medicines)

(2) Prior to egg freezing the patient undergoes ovarian stimulation process and egg retrieval puncture. Egg retrieval procedure cost is 800.00 EUR

(3) Egg freezing – vitrification cost is 730.00 EUR (additional payment if more than 6 oocytes for 1cryo – device/1–3 oocytes) costs 360.00 EUR

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