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Egg Freezing Argentina

Price: 4700USD

Egg freezing bundle at Fertility Argentina costs 4700 USD. This fee covers the oocyte cryopreservation cycle without medications. The medications for controlled ovarian stimulation are prescribed for every case individually according to medical criteria.

Egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation is an authentic powerful technique exclusively designed for elective female fertility preservation, thus, for making it possible to delay pregnancy for the future. Framing oocyte cryopreservation, it should be noted, that it is “synchronized” with the IVF protocol but fertilization is not performed after the oocyte retrieval & oocyte collection.

When to undergo egg freezing cycle?

Egg freezing is also an ideal solution for those who would like to have the tiny bundle in the future as it literally “delays” the pregnancy timeline.

Egg freezing cycle is a vital “tool” for managing fertility issues including presurgical oocyte cryopreservation if there is an increased risk that surgery may cause ovarian loss or loss of the ovarian function.

Egg freezing cycle is recommended for women facing cancer prior undergoing chemotherapy cycle because the oocytes’ content is vulnerable to chemotherapy medications & procedures.

If an egg freezing is performed for the Patient facing cancer, the cycle is designed according to the medical criteria and in the shortest timeframe because cancer stage & grade affects ovarian stimulation response & fertility preservation outcome.

Framing elective oocyte cryopreservation cycle 

(1) Initial consultation. Every elective oocyte cryopreservation cycle has an authentic protocol. The “content” of the egg freezing protocol is drafted and discussed during the initial consultation.

(2) Controlled ovarian stimulation. Naturally, every month, only one mature oocyte is generated and released. Controlled ovarian stimulation makes it possible to generate several mature oocytes instead of only one.

(3) Ovarian stimulation monitoring. Ovarian follicle development & response to gonadotrophin stimulation is closely monitored by the ultrasound measurement of ovarian follicles and blood tests that indicate the estradiol levels.

(4) Trigger shot. Trigger shot is done to prevent spontaneous ovulation. It secures the oocytes’ natural release from the follicles. This is a vital “tool” for securing the oocytes’ number for oocyte collection.

(5) Oocyte retrieval & collection. After the Trigger shot (36 hours), the oocyte retrieval procedure is scheduled and performed. Oocyte aspiration is performed under ultrasound guidance. The collected oocytes are immediately transferred to the laboratory.

(6) Oocyte cryopreservation & storage. Oocytes’ content is inclusively evaluated by the embryologist. The mature oocytes that have the content compliable with the criteria are chosen for cryopreservation & storage.

Every oocyte cryopreservation cycle is unique, thus, the flexible protocol is designed & implemented. The whole cycle is accurately controlled & monitored. The medications are chosen according to personalized medical criteria. Oocyte retrieval & oocyte collection are performed under the anesthesia. After the oocyte retrieval, the Patient is also closely monitored. Elective fertility preservation is done after the oocytes’ inclusive evaluation

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