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Full Guaranteed Surrogacy “A++” Program Ukraine

Price: €58,000.00

Full Guaranteed Surrogacy Program (Surrogacy with donor eggs) "A++" Plan with 5 instalments.

In surrogacy, the surrogate intended carrier can receive an embryo that is already fertilized or sperms can be inseminated into them and they become surrogate mothers. In the case of surrogacy with egg donation, the intended mother or father finds an egg donor or goes to a fertility bank and the intended father’s sperms are used to fertilize an egg from a donor. 

The embryo is then implanted into the surrogate mother after getting a clean bill of health on her status. In this procedure, In Vitro Fertilization is used. When the surrogate gets pregnant, the child is given to the intended parent couple and further relationship with the surrogate is seized. You may use this method if you are a gay couple wanting a child or if you are a single father needing a child. Additionally, if you are a female but do not have childbearing capacity; you may use this method to get a child that is not genetically related to the donor.

Full Complete Surrogacy Package.

Money transfers (transactions) are developed to make the whole Surrogacy Cycle budget-friendly for the Intended Parents.

To be accepted for Guaranteed Surrogacy Program "A++", Intended dad's sperm and karyotype result ought to meet the standard requirements:.

-- Number of sperm cells-- not less than 5 million/ml.

-- General motility of sperm cells-- not less 5%.

-- Not less 1% of morphologically typical sperm cells.

-- Sperm cells after TESA are not acceptable.

-- Satisfactory result of karyotype.

First payment is made upon signing the agreement-- EUR 20.000 (20.000 Euro).

The first payment covers the following:.

-- IPs' personal preliminary assessment with fertility physician. Medical exam of a spouse (blood test, spermogram, FISH, DNA fragmentation), sperm vitrification (2 vials) and storage for 1 year;.

-- Complex SM/Egg donor medical checkup and preparation for the program;.

-- Creation of a specific stimulation procedures, ultrasound monitoring and medical supply of follicle/endometrial stimulations;.

-- Egg retrieval with anesthesia, ICSI fertilization, culturing of embryos to blastocyst stage, PGS (5 chromosomes) and gender selection, embryos vitrification, embryo thawing, embryo transfer, storage of frozen embryos for 1 year, HCG pregnancy test;.

-- Support of early pregnancy with required medications/vitamins;.

-- Compensation to the surrogate (covering transport expanses, Embryo transfer);.

-- European egg donor settlement charge.

Company service fee:

* Lawyer fee to verify IP's documents;.

* Meeting at the airport; transfer from/to airport/clinic/hotel during the program;.

* Accommodation for 2-- 3 days throughout first check out;.

* Assistance of individual supervisor and interpreter throughout the program;.

* Notary services prior to In-Vitro (signing the contract with SM in the existence of Notary officer and an interpreter);.

* Interviewing of prospective SM candidates/matching and guidance of SM.

Second payment is made when the pregnancy reaches 12th week-- EUR 11.500 (11.500 Euro).

The 2nd payment covers the following:.

-- Monthly charge to surrogate mom;.

-- Noninvasive prenatal tests;.

-- Accommodation for surrogate mom to stay in Kiev starting from 7th month of pregnancy;.

-- Support and monitoring of pregnancy procedure;.

-- Monthly medical updates (blood tests/ultrasound scans & reports);.

-- Hospitalization at the maternity healthcare facility (in cases if the OB/GYN strongly suggests the surrogate mother to be hospitalized).

Third payment is made when the pregnancy reaches 26th week-- EUR 11.500 (11.500 Euro).

The 3rd payment covers the following:.

-- Private maternity medical facility cost;.

-- Assistance with visa issues.

The 4th payment is made when the infant is born-- EUR 12.500 (12.500 Euro).

The 4th payment covers the following:.

-- Surrogate mother's compensation;.

-- Accommodation for IPs for 45days;.

-- 24/7 Assistance of an interpreter in urgent cases;.

-- Documents translation services;.

-- DNA test for establishing the legal paternity (DNA test for establishing the hereditary link);.

-- Pediatrician services (10 sees);.

-- Service of a baby-- sitter (4 hours daily from Monday till Friday throughout 1 month);.

-- Physiotherapy/massage.

Additional supply covered by the program:

* Baby formula at the maternity health center;.

* Newborn's essentials;.

* A mobile phone and a sim-- card.

The fifth payment is made on the day when getting the infant Birth Certificate & other legal files for the Embassy-- EUR 2.500 (2.500 Euro).

The fifth payment covers the following:.

-- Legal assistance and exit process documents.

Overall surrogacy cost is EUR 58.000 (58.000 Euro).

Charges you may pay, depending upon circumstances:.

-- Compensation for twins-- EUR 3.000 (3.000 Euro) is paid to the surrogate mom).

In case of premature delivery expenditures are covered by the Surrogacy Program.

* Note: rates go through modifications due to currency exchange rate change.

The commitments of Word Center of Baby within Unlimited Packages are thought about satisfied in minute of shipment of alive child/children.

Medical center has a right to stop performance of present arrangement with return of 50% of payment in case of 2 surrogate prospects' alternative, 2 alternative of egg donors, 4 and more abortions in surrogate mothers in term under 22 weeks of pregnancy.

In case of payment through bank transfer, the commission is paid furthermore 3% by IPs.

Extra costs:.

-- PGD (9 and 24 chromosomes) - 1700 euro/2300 euro (for 8 embryos).

-- Personal driver.

-- Tour plans.

Please, check costs and availability of discussed services with your supervisor.

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