Guaranteed Surrogacy ‘all–inclusive VIP’ pack (unlimited trials) Ukraine

Price: 64900EUR

VIP Surrogacy Package (waiting time: up to 4 months) The VIP Surrogacy Program consists of: 

1. Medical Part 

• medical tests and checks for all participants of the program (intended parents, surrogate mother and egg donor) 

• medications for all participants of the program (Intended Parents, Surrogate Mother and Egg Donor) 

• unlimited IVF cycles 

• 2 attempts with mitochondrial replacement 

• pregnancy care (pregnancy monitoring) for the Surrogate Mother 

• DNA paternity test in our partnering laboratory 

• PGD service to detect the possible genetic abnormalities and sex of a baby(s) (if indicated) 

• in case of the premature birth all the expenses related to additional medical treatment, special medical equipment utilization etc. are covered by us from the first day of birth 

• the child´s doctor attends the baby every day, besides customers are provided with the 24/7 phone consultation of a leading English-speaking pediatrician and if needed this leading pediatrician visits the baby upon the request 

• in case of miscarriage compensation to a surrogate mother is paid by us

 • customers are provided with the complete physical checkup of the baby(s) by the focused specialists 

• customers can be present during the delivery and stay with a baby in the maternity hospital in separate room until the discharge 

• needed injections are performed by the coming nurse domiciliary - in the apartments where the customers are staying 

• customers can be provided with the services of the surrogate mother who has already had the experience of a surrogacy 

2. Legal Support and Paperwork 

• surrogacy contract elaborations 

• support on the final stage of the process for obtaining the birth certificate for a baby(s) and travel documents for them to leave the country 

3. Organization and Coordination 

• VIP service for the clients in the days of visits (no waiting list, etc/.) 

• customers are provided with the babysitter services from 9 o´clock in the morning till 6 o´clock in the evening 

• customers are provided with the VIP support package: transportation, food based on the restaurant menu, separate apartment, services of attending housemaid, a car with a personal driver, smartphone and SIM card of Ukrainian mobile operator 

• accommodation is provided for four (4) months after birth • customers are provided with the NEWBORN PACKAGE - all the things needed to take care of a newborn baby.

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