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Guaranteed Surrogacy “A+” Package Ukraine

Price: €53,000.00

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program (Surrogacy with donor eggs) “A+” Package (the full Surrogacy Bundle’s Cost is € 53.000)

For this Surrogacy Package there are five money transfers (transactions) are designed to make the whole Surrogacy Cycle affordable for the Intended Parents

To be accepted for Guaranteed Surrogacy Program “A+”, Intended father’s sperm and karyotype result should meet the standard requirements:

– Number of sperm cells – not less than 5 million/ml

– General motility of sperm cells – not less 5%

– Not less 1% of morphologically normal sperm cells

– Sperm cells after TESA are not acceptable

– Satisfactory result of karyotype

First payment is made upon signing the contract – € 19.000 (19.000 Euro)

The first payment covers the following:

– IPs personal initial consultation with fertility doctor. Medical examination of a couple, sperm vitrification (2 vials) and storage for 1 year;

– Complex SM/Egg donor medical examination and preparation for the program;

– Creation of an individual stimulation protocols, ultrasound monitoring and medical supply of follicle/endometrial stimulations;

– Egg retrieval with anesthesia, ICSI fertilization, culturing of embryos to blastocyst stage, PGS (5 chromosomes) and gender selection, embryos vitrification, embryo thawing, embryo transfer, storage of frozen embryos for 1 year, HCG pregnancy test;

– Support of early pregnancy with necessary medications/vitamins;

– Compensation to the surrogate (covering transportation expanses, Embryo transfer);

– European egg donor compensation fee

Agency service fee:

* Lawyer fee to confirm IP’s documents;

* Meeting at the airport; transfer from/to airport/clinic/hotel during the program;

* Accommodation for 2–3 days during first visit;

* Assistance of personal manager and interpreter throughout the program;

* Notary services before In Vitro (signing the agreement with SM in the presence of Notary officer and an interpreter);

* Interviewing of potential SM candidates/matching and

supervision of SM

Second payment is made when the pregnancy reaches 12th week – € 10.500 (10.500 Euro)

The second payment covers the following:

– Monthly fee to surrogate mother;

– Noninvasive prenatal tests;

– Accommodation for surrogate mother to stay in Kiev starting from 7th month of pregnancy;

– Support and monitoring of pregnancy process;

– Monthly medical updates (blood tests/ultrasound reports);

– Hospitalization at the maternity hospital (in cases if the OB/GYN strongly recommends the surrogate mother to be hospitalized)

Third payment is made when the pregnancy reaches 26th week – € 10.500 (10.500 Euro)

The third payment covers the following:

– State maternity hospital fee;

– Assistance with visa issues

The fourth payment is made when the baby is born – € 10.500 (10.500 Euro)

The fourth payment covers the following:

– Surrogate mother’s compensation;

– Accommodation for IPs for 45days;

– 24/7 Assistance of an interpreter in urgent cases;

– Documents translation services;

– DNA test for establishing the legal paternity (DNA test for establishing the genetic link);

– Pediatrician services (5 visits)

Extra supply covered by the program:

* Baby formula at the maternity hospital;

* Newborn’s essentials;

* A mobile phone and a sim–card

The fifth payment is made on the day when receiving the baby Birth Certificate & other legal documents for the Embassy – € 2.500 (2.500 Euro)

The fifth payment covers the following:

– Legal support and exit process paperwork

Total surrogacy package fee is € 53.000 (53.000 Euro)

Fees you may pay, depending on circumstances:

– Compensation for twins – € 3.000 (3.000 Euro) is paid to the surrogate mother);

– Compensation for CC (C–Section) – € 1.500 (1.500 Euro) is paid to the surrogate mother);

– Loss of Reproductive Capabilities (loss of the uterus) – € 1.000 (1.000 Euro) is paid to the surrogate mother);

– Amniocentesis – € 140 (140 Euro)

– Reduction – € 1.000 (1.000 Euro)

In case of premature delivery expenses are covered by the IPs

*Note: prices are subject to changes due to currency exchange rate fluctuation

The obligations of Word Center of Baby within Unlimited Packages are considered fulfilled in moment of delivery of alive child/children.

Medical center has a right to stop performance of present agreement with return of 50% of payment in case of 2 surrogate candidates’ substitution, 2 substitution of egg donors, 4 and more abortions in surrogate mothers in term under 22 weeks of pregnancy.

In case of payment via bank transfer, the commission is paid additionally 3% by IPs.

Additional fees: 

– Delivery at a Private maternity hospital – 3000 euro;

– FISH, DNA fragmentation sperm testing and Oxidative stress test – 350 euro

– PGD (9 and 24 chromosomes) – 1700 euro/2300 euro (for 8 embryos)

– Accommodation

– Personal driver

– Service of a baby–sitter – 8 euro per hour/50 euro per day

– Physiotherapy

– Pediatrician services

– Tour arrangements

Please, check prices and availability of mentioned services with your manager

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