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IVF Greece

Price: €2,500.00

In vitro fertilization with the acronym (IVF) is one of the wider groups of assistive reproductive therapy. In vitro means outside the body so fertilization of an egg occurs in a petri dish or a test tube outside the body of the female. IVF can use the following combinations:

  1. 1.Your ovarian egg and her partner’s retrieved sperm
  2. 2.Your ovarian egg and a sperm obtained from a known or unknown donor
  3. 3.An egg from another donor (surrogacy) and a sperm from the affected your married partner.
  4. 4.An egg from a donor(surrogacy) and also sperms from another donor
  5. 5.Already fused but donated embryos (FET)

IVF is performed on you if you lack the childbearing capacity for example in cases of damaged oviducts, in case you have passed the childbearing age, in cases where the male is infertile and also in a condition known as endometriosis.

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