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Posted on 01/28/2019 by Clinic EGV

IVF with ICSI Latvia

Price: €3,450.00

1. Your partner or a donor willing fully stimulate and release their sperms or the sperms are surgically removed from their sexual organs.

2. A doctor uses an ultrasound-guided technique to remove your eggs from your ovary. It is usually done by inserting a needle through your vaginal opening up to the ovary.

3. The doctor uses a hollow needle to inject a single sperm into one of your egg since only one sperm is allowed to fertilize your egg.

4. After injecting the sperm, the embryo’s growth is observed in a laboratory for five days. It is observed to ascertain that its growth and development is healthy.

5. Once the embryo is considered healthy, an ultrasound-guided technique is used to insert the embryo into your uterus and it grows into a baby.

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