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IVF with ICSI Bulgaria

Price: 2900EUR

Non-donor IVF / ICSI treatment program in


Package price: EUR 2900 /two thousand nine hundred euros/

1. Services of the CLINIC included:

•              CLIENT’s medical/fertility history review

•              initial consultation; follow-up consultations; ultrasound scans

•              blood tests: FBC, hormones: FSH, E2, Progesterone, LH

•              IVF treatment plan establishment;

•              IVF program clarification & medical administration guidance

•              prescribing proper doses of ovarian stimulation medications

•              egg retrieval incl. anaesthesia and anesthesiologist

•              sperm collection and preparation for egg fertilization /preparation of donor sperm/

•              fertilization with ICSI 

•              embryo cultivation in an EmbryoScope; extended cultivation over 48 hours / blastocyst culture

•              everyday information on the embryos development

•              assisted hatching

•              embryo transfer

•              final consultation.

•                 Coordination /e-mail

•                Welcome airport transfer

treatment follow-up via e-mail.

The package price does not include:

•              administrative fee: personal coordination in English language  incl. accompanying at all of  the consultations and embryo transfer/: 300 EUR 

•              the obligatory STD testing for hepatitis B & C, HIV 1 and 2, Syphilis

•              stimulation medications

•              sperm donor matching and sperm donor compensation /if applicable/

•              fertilization with IMSI /if needed/

•              immunological testing /to help embryo implantation/

•              preimplantation genetic diagnosis − PGD with FISH / CGH /on request, recommended by а geneticist/

•              acupuncture /on request of the CLIENT/

•              freezing of surplus embryos & 1-year storage /on request of the CLIENT/

•              sperm freezing & storage /on request of the CLIENT/

•              accommodation in a hotel or an apartment

•              interpreting at the visits in the CLINIC from/to a language different than English;

•              personal assistant for the duration of the assisted reproduction program, including accompanying in the clinic for the blood tests, injections & semen analysis: 70 euros per day or 200 euros for the whole program;

•              additional transfers from/to airport or bus station to/from hotel or apartment in Sofia: 15 euros per transfer;

•              tanslation of IVF medical report: 15 euros; translation of surgery medical report: 25 euros;

•              translation of sick leave: 15 euros;

•              sending medications: 20 euros plus the cost of medications and the courier services

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