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IVF with PGS Thailand

Price: 450000THB—500000THB

Prior to design IVF cycle synchronized with gender selection option, there are strong medical criteria that is taken into consideration. Right now, the Thai law is against to chromosome testing for gender selection as a single purpose.

However, chromosome testing can be performed when indicated such as:

Woman aged over 35 years old.

Had prior two abortions (history of 2 miscarriages)

Previous child had congenital abnormality or abnormal chromosomes

Failed to conceive after two times embryo transfer (2 unsuccessful IVF)

Pre–treatment tests:

Blood tests for the wife are day 3 FSH, LH, TSH, Prolactin, and AMH. The tests for Syphilis, HBsAg, HIV, HCV for both husband and wife. The couple can bring the results from other country.

Laboratory tests (CBC, anti–HIV, VDRL, HBsAg) are needed before starting procedure.

Please make an appointment to visit our specialist for initial consultation and investigations.



Marriage certificate is also needed.

Treatment timeframe:

The duration of treatment is around 20 days. The treatment period is about 2–3 weeks for the wife and 2–3 days for the husband to collect sperm.

IVF with PGS or IVF with PGD Bundle’s approximate cost is 45000 Baht — 50000+ Baht

The cost for IVF + whole chromosome testing is around 45000 Baht — 50000 Baht

The total cost is estimated 450,000 THB— 500,000 THB+ per cycle.

* Estimated costs above are provided exclusively to assist the patient in understanding the possible range of costs and based on the medical information previously by the patient. Estimated cost is not included Pre-operation expenses, other investigations, treatment of underlying disease, special treatment, complication treatment, IPD Doctor Visit, Special equipment, Special medication and also excludes all unexpected events that may arise during the treatment process.

Actual cost of treatment may vary from the estimates stated above and do not represent a minimum or maximum potential cost. Actual estimates for cost will be provided after the patient has been examined by our physician(s).

Please be notified that estimated cost is subject to change without prior notice.

The full payment of the estimated cost for surgical procedures is required upon admission. 

Bangkok Hospital advises that all surgical patients must be cleared for surgery by appropriate pre-surgery screening in accordance with our doctor’s instructions and our patient safety requirements.

To allow us to complete the patient’s registration and arrange an appointment, please send us a passport photocopy and the patient’s most convenient date and time of appointment at [email protected]

Please always refer to the SR number SR-19-03-004731. in the subject of this e-mail in any further correspondence and bring a copy of this letter to the hospital for registration.

Should there be any questions or wish further assistance such as interpreter services, hotel booking, and airport pick-up, please do not hesitate to contact us

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