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IVF with PGS+PGD (1-6 embryos) Latvia

  • Ovaries stimulation:  Doctor injects you with follicle stimulating hormone to stimulate your ovaries to release multiple eggs artificially. This is essential to increase the odds of success 
  • Retrieval of eggs: When your eggs are mature enough, they are retrieved and are examined to determine if they are normal or have matured enough to support fertilization.
  • Sperm insemination: Fertilization can be done by IVF where the sperms and eggs are mixed and fertilization occurs naturally or manually by ICSI where one sperm is usually injected into a single egg by use of a hollow needle. 
  • Fertilization: Left overnight, the presumably fertilized egg is checked to determine if fertilization did occur the morning after
  • Biopsy of the embryo: If your egg has been fertilized successfully, it is cultured (grown) for up to 5 days where a biopsy (part of it is incised) without causing any harm to the growing embryo.
  • Testing of the embryo: The biopsy(part of the embryo) is medically tested to find out the existence or possibility of genetic defects
  • Implantation: Once the embryo is considered healthy, it is implanted into your uterus and those that are considered to have genetic defects are left to die on their own or if you and your partner agree, they are used in research.
  • Testing for pregnancy: Finally, a blood pregnancy test is done to ascertain that you are pregnant after the implantation.

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