Posted 03/01/2019 by Medicana IVF Center in Turkey

Mini–IVF Turkey

Price: 3000USD

Mini–IVF package costs 3000 USD.

What is Mini–IVF?
Mini–IVF is a cutting–edge brand–new IVF cycle with the limited amount of fertility medications (oral or/and follicle–stimulating injectable hormones) used for ovarian stimulation. The minimal stimulation is brilliant solution implemented in vitro fertilization protocol. This protocol is ideal for the couples who are worrying about ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS) after medicated follicle–stimulating cycle or for couples who are worrying about the every day pain caused by injectable hormones (the  hormones are mostly injected in the tummy zone of the woman; approximately 30–60 injections are done per cycle). This solution is brilliant in every way as it also minimizes the potential risk of suffering from ovarian cancer or/and endometrial cancer that might be caused by prolonged use of high–dose IVF drugs. The ovarian stimulation is managed by the blood tests and monitored via regular transvaginal ultrasounds. The other procedures are done as in every IVF cycle: after the trigger shot the oocyte retrieval is scheduled, the oocytes are retrieved (surgically), the sperm is collected and prepared (or surgically collected and prepared – invasive sperm retrieval is performed)  and the retrieved oocytes are fertilized with or without ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). After fertilization, the embryos are placed to the incubator and are carefully monitored. The assisted hatching is performed to increase the embryo implantation chances. The assisted hatching event scheduled before the actual embryo transfer. One more procedure is done before the actual embryo transfer – mock embryo transfer. As the uterus is mobile, the embryo transfer should have the preliminarily designed trajectory.  Mock embryo transfer is done to exclude the embryo transferring failure by designing the ultimate “uterine map” under the ultrasound monitoring. The last step is scheduling the actual embryo transfer “event”. Embryo transfer is a non–invasive procedure that is done very accurately and quickly. After some time, the pregnancy test is done, the blood test to confirm pregnancy is done and the transvaginal ultrasound to confirm the intrauterine pregnancy is performed

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