Surrogacy Program “Classic” Using Own Oocytes Ukraine

Price: 39050EUR

Included services


Interview, presentation of  the agency, clinics and programs for clients

Medical tests consultation, preparation/ translation of all the necessary documentation

First visit

Airport pickup service (Individual transfers from the airport to the apartment and back)

Special price for accommodation at the hotels in case of the  prolongation of the stay

Clients' individual transfers from apartments to notary and back, from apartments to clinic and back

Assistance in the clinic and  at the notary office on the day of appointment.  Interpretation services are included.

Blood tests package for couple (excluding karyotype)

Sperm sampling, vitrification, sperm test (spermogram)

Consultation by the fertility doctor

Customer service manager support

Individual stimulation protocol

Development of stimulation treatment protocol, hormonal medicines for patient, the ultrasound monitoring of follicles growth

Ovarian puncture with anesthesia package, ultrasound-guided oocytes collection

Oocytes fertilization with ICSI technique, embryos cultivation until 5th-6th day (blastocyst)

Assisted hatching for embryos

Embryos vitrification and storage

Surrogate mother selection, preparation and embryos transfer

Search and selection of a surrogate mother. She undergoes psychological testing, is checked by a detective agency (questionnaire)

Medical examination of a surrogacy candidate, tests

Contract drafting with a surrogate mother

Cover of SM travel expenses to/from clinic

Preparation of a surrogate’s endometrium before the embryo transfer (ET)

Medications for the endometrium preparation, monitoring of the endometrium growth

Thawing of embryos and transfer to surrogate mother’s uterus

Payment to SM after the embryo transfer

Accommodation (hotel in Kiev) for the surrogate after the embryo transfer


Medications for early pregnancy support (until 12 weeks)

Pregnancy confirmation by HCG and urinary test on day 10-14 after transfer

Pregnancy care program for surrogate mother including prenatal PAPP-A test & ultrasound diagnostics

Compulsory medical check-up for pregnant women at the narrow specialists, correction of treatment if needed

Monthly medical reports about ongoing pregnancy (Providing clients with all the necessary documents with translation : the Transfer Protocol, test results and analysis)

Surrogate mother medical support in case of any problems related to the health of the surrogate mother and child during pregnancy

Consultation and hospitalization, medical support for a surrogate mother and child for the period of pregnancy with all the necessary tests and medications

Surrogate mother's curator services including psychologist

Communication between biological parents and the surrogate mother at the stage of monitoring a pregnancy (pregnancy management) via Skype/ WhatsApp with a help of an interpreter

Organization and compensation of all surrogate mother's travel expenses to the clinic

Monthly payments (for food and clothes)

Apartment rental in Kiev for SM (starting from the 28th week of pregnancy or earlier)

Stationary admission of a surrogate mother from the 37th week


General support for patients. Airport pickup service, transfer to the hotel

Chest X-ray for intended parents as a requirement for the stay in the maternity hospital

Coordination and support of childbirth of a surrogate mother


Private room in maternity home for intended parents during 3-5 days depending on the requirements of the maternity house

Surrogate mother medical support and child's support in case of any problems related to their health before and after childbirth during the stay in the maternity hospital

Consultations by neonatologist at the maternity hospital

Clothing set for intended parents in the maternity hospital

Nutrition for the child at the maternity hospital

Discharge from the maternity hospital of the child, of intended parents and surrogate mother

Customer service manager support

Compensation to Surrogate mother after delivery

Newborn care

Option is available upon request at extra cost

Documents preparation for the child's departure

Full legal support in Ukraine (contracts, notarial contracts, consultations on legislation issues)

Child's birth certificate obtaining at registration institutions, legalization of documents

DNA test, SM visits arrangement to the embassy

Language translations for intended parents in Ukrainian state institutions (if necessary)

Interpreter service at the embassy/ consulate (Option is available upon request at extra cost)

Clients transfer with a newborn baby to the airport

Payment schedule for Surrogacy Program “Classic” (Using Own Oocytes)
39 050 Euro

InstallmentPrice, EuroStageWhen
1-st stage11 000• Preparation;• First visit;•individual stimulation protocol;• Surrogate mother selection; preparation and embryos transferon the day of signing the contract
2-nd stage5 500• Pregnancy 4 weeks of confirmed pregnancy
3-rd stage4 950• Pregnancy 22 weeks of pregnancy
4-th stage17 600• Childbirth;• Newborn care;• Documents preparation for the child's departureDelivery

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