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Surrogacy with egg donation and own surrogate mother Cyprus

Price: 13000EUR

Surrogacy with egg donor and own surrogate mother bundle costs 13000 EUR. Surrogacy with egg donation involves standard IVF—ICSI with oocyte donation cycle plus gestational carrier to carry the baby. This dual—staged treatment protocol involves egg donor’s and gestational carrier’s diagnostic screening and medical evaluation, egg donor’s controlled ovarian stimulation protocol, surrogate mother’s controlled endometrium stimulation protocol, ultrasound—guided egg retrieval and egg collection from the egg donor, the partner’s or the husband’s sperm preparation, IVF—ICSI fertilization in the IVF laboratory, embryo culturing, embryo selection, embryo transfer in the gestational carrier’s uterus, blood pregnancy test, urine pregnancy test and early ultrasound to confirm the embryonic heartbeat. This fee covers egg donor’s fee, IVF—ICSI embryo “generation” fee, and embryo transfer fee. The surrogate mother should be own as this fee does not cover the gestational carrier’s selection and matching and gestational carrier’s fee for carrying the baby.

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