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Surrogacy with egg donation (IVF—ICSI + egg donation pack, three embryo transfer trials) Ukraine

Price: 44900EUR

Gestational surrogacy ‘STANDARD’ package with multi–trialed ‘option’ is an ideal solution for all couples as it ‘secures’ the new embryo transfer trials and boosts the chances to achieve pregnancy. Gestational Surrogacy with a Ukrainian egg donor (gestational surrogacy with egg donation program) is designed for couples facing female factor infertility when it is impossible to collect the intended mother’s oocytes or the intended mother wishes to have an egg donation option synchronized with gestational surrogacy bundle. The basic fee for gestational surrogacy with Ukrainian egg donor is 44,900.00 EUR.

Surrogacy with egg donation involves Ukrainian egg donor selection, matching with Ukrainian Gestational Carriers (Ukrainian surrogate mothers) and selection one gestational carrier by the couple. IVF + embryo transfer is included in the basic fee.

Legal restrictions: Ukrainian law permits the Gestational Surrogacy cycles for heterosexual couples only. According to Ukrainian law, surrogacy cannot be done for single men and single women, for gay couples and lesbian couples. 

The basic fee covers the following services: 

●Act of recognition of the nasciturus.

●Accommodation for the intended parents is included (the first stay up to 3 nights).

●Advice and attention to parents during the process.

●Comprehensive assistance to parents in Ukraine, including 24-hour emergency care in English.

●Online assistance to all ultrasounds.

●PGD of 5 chromosomes to know the sex of the embryos.

●Strict selection of the surrogate mother, diagnostic testing and screening of the surrogate mother (fresh tests), preparation of the surrogate mother for the embryo transfer.

●Costs of transport, accommodation, meals, maternity clothes, hospitalization and compensation to the surrogate mother.

●Pediatrician and babysitter 4 hours daily (up to 20 days).

●Homologated DNA test.

●Newborn heel test.

●Gift of carrycot and loan of the cart for the baby.

●Pregnancy supervision, coordination and control.

●Mobile phone with the Ukrainian SIM card.

●Procedures in civil registry and consulate.

●Transfer for parents in Kiev in all stays (transfer from the airport and to the airport).

●Surrogacy program that includes IVF with up to 3 transfers embryos.

Total Surrogacy Package fee is 43 900 EUR. 

Extra Costs

●PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) screening of 24 chromosomes basic fee is 2 200 EUR.

●Miscarriage fee (if the pregnancy loss occurs) after 12 weeks is 2 000 EUR.

●Compensation for cesarean section is 1 000 EUR.

●Twin pregnancy fee (birth of twins) is 4 000 EUR.

●The compensation for the loss of uterus in any week is 2 000 EUR.

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