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The Embryoscope Lebanon

Price: 1100USD

.What is the Embryoscope?

The Embryoscope is an incubator equipped with a camera. It allows to film early embryo development during the 3 to 5 days that the embryo spends in the IVF lab. The Embryoscope has many advantages when compared to another incubator.

What are the advantages of the Embryoscope?

- Transparency and Credibility regarding IVF patients

One of the most important advantages of the Embryoscope is that it enhances the transparency of the IVF lab regarding the patient. In fact, the patient undergoing IVF can follow up what happened to each of its retrieved oocytes from A to Z.    As we always aspire to establishing a trust relationship with our patients, they always have access to proof-based information regarding their retrieved samples.

In other terms, Azoury IVF Clinic patients who request the Embryoscope service can always access the videos of their embryos.

- Higher IVF pregnancy rate

More than 20 studies -comparing the Embryoscope to a conventional incubator- ensure it improves IVF pregnancy rates even though the percentage differs from a study to another ranging between 10 to 30%. 

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