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Campinas Reproductive Medicine

Fertility Clinic
Parque Taquaral, São Paulo, 13075-460

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Clinic Name
Campinas Reproductive Medicine
Preferred Treatment Location
1452 Avenida Doutor Heitor Penteado
Parque Taquaral, São Paulo, 13075-460

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Languages spoken
English Portuguese
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8am — 5pm

About Campinas Reproductive Medicine

The Campinas Reproductive Medicine Clinic's mission is to help couples fulfill their dream of having a child. Reproductive Medicine Campinas is the product of a partnership of highly trained professionals in the areas of Gynecology, Andrology and Human Reproduction. Our team carries out a thorough and complete investigation in cases of marital infertility and, through a precise diagnosis, indicates the best treatment for each couple, in a humanized, individualized way. Reproductive Medicine Campinas offers follow-up on treatments from the simplest to the most complex, with the support of the Androfert Clinic for performing surgeries, microsurgeries and low or high complexity assisted reproduction techniques, including: microsurgical varicocele correction, vasectomy reversal , intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization.

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