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Ana Bartmann Clinic

Fertility Clinic
Ribeirânia, São Paulo, 14096-190

We build families.

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Ana Bartmann Clinic
Preferred Treatment Location
1000 Marginal da Avenida Leão XIII
Ribeirânia, São Paulo, 14096-190

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English Portuguese
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Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8am — 6pm

About Ana Bartmann Clinic

The ana bartmann clinic , founded in 2007, was born from the desire to offer women care in the areas of Gynecology and Obstetrics – with an emphasis on Endocrine Gynecology and Human Reproduction – in a welcoming and personal environment. The house, located in a 1940s village, was the ideal choice.

There we offered services in Gynecology and General Obstetrics and Endocrine Gynecology. But latent is the desire to also offer Assisted Reproduction treatments and thus make the dream of maternity/paternity of so many couples come true.

Despite having residency, master's, doctorate and many other diplomas, Dr. Ana Karina Bartmann still lacked the long-awaited specialization in France. After 2 years of waiting, in 2010 came the opportunity to go to Paris, where for 1 year he did a Fellowship in Assisted Human Reproduction with Drs. Renato Fanchin and René Frydman.

The return to Brazil was filled with new knowledge and the plan to inaugurate the HUMAN REPRODUCTION INSTITUTE .

We started to offer low complexity treatments, including artificial insemination. This, while adapting the French protocols to the Brazilian reality.

It took a while, but in 2013, we opened the Human Reproduction Center.

It was the realization of a dream that was only possible thanks to the partnership with the University of Ribeirão Preto. The Reproduction Center was installed inside the Electro Bonini university hospital precisely to give rise to the project of an academic and science and technology hub that could inspire students, doctors, teachers and, of course, patients.

We do not abandon “our little house” on the Boulevard. We just added a new unit where technological advances can happen. There we carry out research, surgical procedures, fertilizations, inseminations, we freeze eggs, sperm, embryos, etc. We believe in dreams. And that's what moves us.

Both the clinic and Dr. Ana are part of the main Assisted Reproduction societies in Brazil – Brazilian Society of Assisted Reproduction (SBRA) and Brazilian Society of Human Reproduction (SBRH) -, in addition to (RedLara) the Latin American Reproduction Network Assisted.

Thus, in addition to the patients, the clinic has as its audience all those interested in the Assisted Reproduction area, whether for a brief update or a deep dive into a doctoral thesis, for example.

For medical colleagues who are trained and wish to conduct ovarian stimulation cycles for fertilization, we offer our physical and laboratory facilities, as well as specialized personnel. All this because we believe in the realization of a family's dream. Whatever your interest in the field of Assisted Human Reproduction, come find us. Let's talk?

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