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Sophea Fertility Centre Reviews

Submitted by Rafidah on 10/29/2022

Team Sophea Semua Terbaik & Peramah????

Overall Rating

Terima kasih kpd Dr Salleha & Team Sophea yg merialisasikan impian kami dan kami bersyukur kpd Allah yg mengabulkan Doa kami mendapatkan cahaya mata yg terlau comel????????..

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No one contacted me.

Needed the consultation about IVF with oocyte donation and with Gender selection. Sent my inquiry. No one contacted me.

Submitted by Jayanth on 07/26/2019

Was wondering if I could get the quotation for egg donation. No one contacted me.

Was wondering if I could get the consultation for IVF with egg donation with fertility expert from this clinic. My attempts failed as there was no answer at all.

Submitted by Irene on 07/25/2019

Sent my inquiry there — no answer.

We were looking for egg donors with healthy family history to complete my IVF with egg donation cycle. Sent my inquiry there — no answer.

Submitted by Soumita on 07/25/2019