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Egg Freezing Gauteng

BioART Fertility

BioART is the acronym for Bio Assisted Reproductive Technology.  The fertility clinic was formally called the Nordica Fertility Centre – Brenthurst. The roots of which originated from our affiliation with Nordica International Denmark... more...

Randburg, Gauteng , South Africa

Femicare Fertility

Femicare Fertility Centre offers top quality fertility services such as invitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgical procedures and general gynaecologic services. We are experts... more...

Pretoria, Gauteng , South Africa


The following is an outline to give you a clearer understanding of the various tests and investigations, why certain tests are advised and finally, what treatment might be most appropriate to you as a couple.Infertility is by definition the failure... more...

Pretoria, Gauteng , South Africa

Hart Parklane Fertility Clinic

Established in 1997, Parklane Fertility Clinic was the very first fertility-focused centre in South Africa. Our team of medical practitioners are specialists in the fertility field and are publicly recognised, offering couples a wide range of services... more...

Johannesburg, Gauteng , South Africa

Medfem Fertility Clinic

Recent studies have shown that one in six couples has difficulty conceiving. For those couples who have been trying to conceive naturally for more than six months, the chances of a pregnancy occurring within the next year is 20% or less. At Medfem Fertility... more...

Sandton, Gauteng , South Africa

Pretoria Fertility Centre

The clinic was established in 1999 by Dr Marienus Trouw with one embryologist and a registered nurse. Over the past 17 years Pretoria Fertility Centre have evolved to become a leading fertility centre in South Africa. We constantly invest in equipment... more...

Pretoria, Gauteng , South Africa

Sandton Fertility clinic

Located in prestigious Centre of Advanced Medicine, Sandton Fertility Clinic (SFC) is a world class medical facility aimed at providing the finest care in Women and Men’s Reproductive Health. Having opened its doors in 2001, SFC has grown in... more...

Johannesburg, Gauteng , South Africa


The Vitalab Egg Donation Agency (VEDA) empowers women to help others achieve their dream of starting a family. With compassion and cutting-edge technology, our team of experienced doctors gives you the chance to present someone with the miracle of life.... more...

Sandton, Gauteng , South Africa


Vitalab is a Johannesburg based and Umhlanga KZN based fertility clinic that has been committed to helping couples build families since 1984. We have pioneered a wholesome approach to fertility by supporting our patients medically, physically and emotionally.... more...

Sandton, Gauteng , South Africa



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