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Unidad de Reproducción Clínica Vistahermosa

Fertility Clinic
Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, 03015

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Our unit is inside Clínica Vistahermosa Hospital, so it has access to all the healthcare services of a private hospital, if they are ever needed.

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Unidad de Reproducción Clínica Vistahermosa
Preferred Treatment Location
103 Av. de Denia
Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, 03015

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About Unidad de Reproducción Clínica Vistahermosa

Our innovative, steadfast dedication to the world of assisted reproduction started more than 30 years ago. It’s steadfast, thanks to our professional track record of 30 years of experience and the precision of our work. 

It’s innovative, because we have always made progress. In 1983 we inaugurated the first ever sperm bank in the Valencian Community for the cryopreservation of male gametes that are used in artificial insemination or cryopreservation in cases of radiotherapy, chemotherapy treatment or surgery. Our extensive experience has been acquired by promoting training, education and research which are the three pillars on which we have developed the most innovative treatment and assisted reproductive techniques discovered in science. 

What makes our reproduction clinic in Spain the best option? 

  • Our hospital location. Our patients feel safer and more protected knowing that the unit is right inside the Clínica Vistahermosa hospital and has access to all its healthcare services whenever needed. We never set up Reproduction Units outside a hospital environment. 
  • The quality of procedures. Quality is an absolute priority in our work, which is why we are audited every year by official agencies and external auditors. 
  • Personalised treatment. We don’t work with patients, we work with people. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible and answer all questions about our treatment because we realise how complex our work is. 
  • Professional collaboration. We work with other centres and professionals involved in assisted reproduction who send us their patients; they help us improve our efficiency in terms of coordinating and completing the necessary studies that are assessed together, to give diagnoses and counselling on the treatment. 
  • Our own multidisciplinary team. It is made up of Gynecologists, Geneticists, Embryologists, Andrologists, Anesthetists, Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses, Administrative staff, among others. 
  • Coordination. This is fundamental in our work because our team works together to prevent any delays or time wasted during the assisted reproduction treatment, which obviously benefits our patients. 
  • Our success rates. Our results are well above the averages published in the Spanish Fertility Society. 

This acquired experience is undoubtedly extremely valuable for couples who want to have children and can’t. Our ongoing training, research and education (we organise academic lectures and a University Master’s course) means that the results of our procedures are far superior to those of other clinics. 

Being located right inside a hospital makes our patients feel safer and more protected knowing that we have access to all the services provided by one of the most advanced and modern clinics in the Valencian Community and Spain. We do not set up Reproduction Units outside a hospital environment. 

Our quality commitment is based on a personalised service. We work with people; we do our utmost to make them feel comfortable, so that they put their trust in us, which is essential for this type of treatment. In view of this we provide our staff with ongoing training so that they work hard every day to make our patients’ dreams of having a baby come true. 

Our team of professionals specialise in the following areas: gynecology, genetics, embryology, andrology, anesthesia, nursing, medical assistance and admin. Their work is coordinated by Dr. López Gálvez and together they study each particular case so that the appropriate team can satisfy patients’ specific needs. 

Our ongoing investment in the latest equipment enables us to carry out any assisted reproductive technique. We specialise in the most complex procedures such as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and we also specialise in the donation of gametes (ova and sperm). 

Our International Department that is run by Salomé López Garrido, will deal with all the paperwork and formalities as soon as you first contact the Reproduction Unit. In this way, distance isn’t a problem. If you have any enquiries, please ask. We are here to help you.


Salomé López 

Itziar Larrauri 

Mercedes Ruiz 

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