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CREA Valencia

CREA, MEDICAL CENTRE FOR ASSISTED REPRODUCTION, has grown to currently become a reference point in reproductive medicine. Led by professionals who have been pioneers in this field since 1988, it offers the best outcome in infertility treatment through the most updated techniques. The key to success is to carry out just the right diagnosis through... more...

València, Comunidad Valenciana , Spain

Dexeus Mujer

Dexeus Mujer is located in Barcelona, Spain . Its history as a clinic dates back to 1935 when it opened to help women needing gynaecological care. Today it is a large establishment which incorporates a gynaecology, obstetrics, oncology and human reproduction units. It is an accredited teaching hospital. It has been a pioneer of fertility treatments... more...

Barcelona, Cataluña , Spain


iCreaVida es un centro de reproducción asistida que ofrece apoyo especializado a aquellas parejas que tienen dificultades para lograr el embarazo. Una empresa que desarrolla su trabajo a partir de una metodología centrada en una tecnología actual. El éxito de la clínica proviene de la suma de talento de los profesionales más cualificados y aplicación... more...

Córdoba, Andalucía , Spain

Institut Marquès

Institut Marquès is an integrated centre with a well-established, internationally recognized reputation in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Assisted Reproduction. It was founded in Barcelona 95 years ago and has the accreditation granted by the Spanish Healthcare Authority to perform all Assisted Reproduction techniques allowed... more...

Barcelona, Catalunya , Spain

Instituto Bernabeu

Instituto Bernabeu, that is one of the best fertility clinics in Spain, is proud to have more than 32-year experience in the area of customised solutions in the area of reproductive medicine, that have successfully passed external audits. During that period, Instituto Bernabeu has achieved more than 13 000 births and have cared for international patients... more...

Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana , Spain

IVF Spain Alicante

IVF Spain is a patient centred international fertility clinic, that provides tailor made fertility solutions  for more complex cases as in implantation failures, miscarriages and genetic diseases, but also anonymous egg donation. With the help of the most innovative technologies IVF Spain and personalized treatments ranks amongst other clinic... more...

Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana , Spain

Unidad de Reproducción Clínica Vistahermosa

Our innovative, steadfast dedication to the world of assisted reproduction started more than 30 years ago. It’s steadfast, thanks to our professional track record of 30 years of experience and the precision of our work.   It’s innovative, because we have always made progress. In 1983 we inaugurated the first ever sperm bank in the... more...

Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana , Spain

VITA Fertility (IMED Elche)

We are one of the few centers of reproductive medicine in Spain that are integrated within a hospital evironment and the first in Benidorm , with all the advantages that entails for the health of our patients. IMED Elche Hospital has 24,500 m² spread over basement, ground floor and two floors, has 98 single rooms initially (8 of them suites)... more...

Elche, Comunidad Valenciana , Spain


Imara està format per un equip de professionals, amb una gran preparació tècnica, especialitzat en els problemes relacionats amb l’esterilitat humana i les tècniques de Reproducció Assistida. Tot l’equip ha estat especialment seleccionat per la seva qualitat humana i motivació. Tot l’equip ha estat especialment seleccionat per la seva qualitat... more...

Barcelona, Catalunya , Spain

Barcelona IVF

Barcelona IVF is a team of professionals with extensive experience in the area of assisted reproduction. Our goal is to offer maximum quality in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. We rely on the best technology and the latest medical advances, with an emphasis on individualized attention in order to personalize the process of becoming pregnant.... more...

Barcelona, Catalunya , Spain

Centro de Infertilidad Masculina Androgen

El Centro de Infertilidad Masculina ANDROGEN está dirigido por el Dr. Juan G. Álvarez, Profesor de Biología Reproductiva de la Universidad de Harvard, y uno de los expertos actuales más reconocidos en el campo de la Infertilidad Masculina. El Dr. Juan G. Alvarez es Doctor en Medicina y Cirugía, Doctor en Biología Reproductiva, Doctor en Química–Física... more...

A Coruña, Galicia , Spain

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