Clinicas Eva

Fertility Clinic
Gandia, Comunidad Valenciana, 46702

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Clinicas Eva
Passeig de les Germanies n_52
Gandia, Comunidad Valenciana, 46702

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English Spanish
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Monday to Friday 9am — 9pm
Saturday 11am — 3pm

Clinicas Eva

Who are we? EVA Clinics is a company dedicated to Reproductive Medicine in a comprehensive manner. Our purpose is to help all those women and couples who wish to become parents but are unable to do so naturally.

Assisted Reproduction Eva Clinics

EVA Clinics have a clear goal: to help all those women and couples with fertility problems, giving them back the ability to believe that is possible.

Our top priority is using the most modern technologies. Be the leaders in the use of cutting-edge technology, research and development, which allow us to achieve the highest pregnancy rates in Spain.

EVA will do whatever is possible to help you with your fertility problems because you are not alone, we are here to help and offer you a personalized service. The human factor plays a crucial role and it is an essential component at EVA Clinics we want to provide to every patient. From the moment the patients contact our clinics, their problem becomes our problem too.

What Can EVA Clinics Offer You?

According to several studies, infertility affects an estimated 15% of population of reproductive age, that means one in six couples, and it is becoming an increasing phenomenon. There are multiple factors that could explain infertility, which range from chronological age to ovarian disorders, among others.

Fortunately, Assisted Reproductive Technology is the most effective way to overcome fertility problems. Every year, over 1 million cycles are carried out worldwide.

EVA Clinics are committed to offer you the most complete and expert fertility care to help you fulfill your dreams of having a child. Our treatments include different options for each patient: couples with fertility problems, single women without a male partner or lesbian couples.