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Artificial Insemination (AI) Taipei City

Becoming Reproductive Center

We deeply understand the frustrations and hardships experienced during the journey to become parents, so it is our mission to provide a warm and private personalized course of treatment. Over the past 30 years, we have been continually upgrading our... more...

Taipei City , Taiwan

Gene IVF

We use cutting-edge molecular biology technology to create healthy babies with high quality genes, create demographic dividends, and promote new life. The team is chaired by Taiwanese infertility doctor Zhang Fuxing, and invited the outstanding national... more...

Taipei City , Taiwan

Honji Fertility Clinic

Honji Natural Cycle Reproductive Center was founded by physician Chang Honji, a scientist living in the US in March 2012 in Taipei, and was approved as Artificial Reproductive Institution” in May of the same year by Bureau of Health Promotion,... more...

Taipei City , Taiwan

IVF Taipei

Dr. Huang Jianrong graduated from the National Taiwan University Medical College in 1973. After experiencing the joy of his son's birth, he determined to choose obstetrics and gynecology as a lifelong career. In 1949, he entered the obstetrics and... more...

Taipei City , Taiwan

Mackay Memorial Hospital

Mackay Memorial Hospital (MMH) was established in 1880s, accredited as medical center by TJCHA with the longest history innorthern of Taiwan.... more...

Taipei City, Taiwan

Pan's Ladies Clinic & Infertility Center

For women with ovarian aging and poor ovarian function and stimulation of poor ovulation response, customized ovarian rejuvenation treatments have good clinical results.   Our hospital has a group of doctors, pharmacists and technicians who... more...

Taipei City , Taiwan

Stork Fertility Center

As Taiwan’s society has become more civilized and progressed, the number of infertile populations has increased year by year, and the greater Hsinchu area lacks a professional reproductive center. In order to seek a child, infertile couples often... more...

Dazhi, Taipei City , Taiwan

Stork Fertility Center
Rated 5/5 (1 Review)

With the increasingly civilized and progressive society in Taiwan, the number of infertile women is increasing year by year, and there is a lack of a professional reproductive center in Da Hsinchu. In order to seek a child, infertile couples often travel... more...

Dazhi, Taipei City , Taiwan

Wang Fertility Center

As a reproductive medicine center, it is not only a simple medical space, but also the first home for babies. This home is: a hi-tech baby training suite in the laboratory, and parents' quiet and soothing waiting space for consultation; a warm and... more...

Taipei City , Taiwan



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