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Tammuz Family Reviews

Submitted by Karin on 03/08/2023


Overall Rating

We only have positive things to say about Tammuz. We got the absolut best support we could ask for. Ida is a superstar⭐️ We had our baby in Ukraine in september of last year and got the best support and help considering the situation in Ukraine. The clinic in Ukraine were really professional and helpful in everyway. So, we highly recommend Tammuz!

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Thanks Tammuz

I tried to get pregnant with no success for more than 10 years. I did more than 15 IFVs in Brazil and faced a miscarriage twice.
I heard about Tammuz for the first time in 2016 in a seminar about surrogacy. My husband and I decided to do a surrogacy process with them; it was by far the best decision we took.
We had twins in the USA. One of them had to stay in NICU for four days because she had Infant jaundice and during the whole process, we received all the information and support we needed it.
Both of my children are healthy, beautiful and they are the love of our lives. We could never thank Tammuz enough! We know it is not an easy process but it worthed every second!

Submitted by Fernanda on 03/08/2023

Tammuz helped us find the program that was right for us

My partner and I had no idea where to start when it came to surrogacy. We looked for so long on the internet that it all became overwhelming. But then we talked to someone at Tammuz and from the very beginning we were put at ease with their knowledge and professionalism. During our journey we felt supported 100% and we chose a program that had no hidden costs or last minute financial surprises. Very happy with the experience. We recommend Tammuz to anyone who is considering surrogacy and doesn't know where to begin. 

Submitted by Steven on 02/28/2023

Thanks to Tammuz

We have our family today thanks to the help of the Tammuz Family. It was not easy for us because we faced a miscarriage in the first pregnancy, but everything went well in the second one. Tammuz team treated us with a lot of respect by giving us all the information we needed even when the news was difficult.
I would never to do it with another agency because I know that the people that works on Tammuz are serious and have years of experience. I hope we can start our second process to have our second child soon.

Submitted by Milena on 02/27/2023

Their guarantee programs and affordable prices made this agency our top choice

We had a wonderful journey with Tammuz. We chose this agency over all the others as so many different agencies were over charging and not offering a full service. We were impressed by their length of time in the industry and also the number of babies they have welcomed into the world. Our journey had its challenges as to be expected but we felt supported every step of the way. Can't recommend them enough!

Submitted by Tim on 02/24/2023

My experience

The worst agency ever. The database in which you can choose donors from is not real, the majority of the donors are not available.

They ask you to pay a big amount in advance even before anything has been Done.

Omge first Inställningar has been paid they Dont care about you at all.

Don’t use this agency

Submitted by Tammuzi on 03/28/2022

We had a bad experience

Our baby was born with cerebral palsy. We are devastated and believe it was due to the actions and or negligence of our surrogate.

Submitted by Chris Lombard on 10/27/2021