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Akruti Fertility centre is the best IVF centre with advance techology, my brother got a baby by there treatment.

Submitted by Anil Varma on Sunday, Jul 08, 2018

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Best IVF infertility Treatment Akruti fertility centre

My friend suggest to visit Akruti Fertility Centre at Dombivli as his brother got a baby by their treatment. i directly told the doctor to start a IVF cycle but the doctor said no. i was shocked i asked why? he said that he suspects that my wife's tubes are blocked & a tubal block removal surgery would be needed. i said ok & while surgery the doctor showed me the blocked tube i was speechless. after the surgery when i went for consultation I told the doctor now please do an IVF again to my surprise he said no. The doctor said IVF is not needed an IUI is sufficient, i was little hesitant but said yes to our surprise my wife got pregnant after the IUI. i must have thanked the doctor at least 100 times.....he just smiled & asked me to take care of my wife..after 9 months my wife delivered a baby boy.... i cannot tell you how happy my family is & my wife who used to be sad all the time is so happy that she does not let me even scold the baby. thank you Akruti

Submitted by Anil Patil on Sunday, Oct 08, 2017