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Shinjuku ART Clinic

Fertility Clinic
Shinjuku City, Tokyo, 160-0023

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Shinjuku ART Clinic
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Shinjuku City, Tokyo, 160-0023

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Monday to Friday 8.30am — 11.30pm and 2pm — 3.30pm
Saturday and Sunday 8.30 — 12pm

About Shinjuku ART Clinic

At our hospital, we mainly perform in vitro fertilization at natural and low stimulation cycles, making full use of patients' own hormones. This is because, if follicles are grown by ovarian stimulation beyond the physiological range, hormonal imbalance may affect eggs that develop after the next cycle.

We always try to treat you so that you can get pregnant with one treatment, but unfortunately it may be necessary to treat more than once.
Therefore, in order for an egg that can become an unseen baby sleeping on your body to wake up from sleep after a long period of time and reach the ovulation day at the best state, treatment according to nature that does not disturb the hormone balance We need to keep the ovaries in good condition.

Women have the "natural power" of selecting only one egg from hundreds of eggs and ovulating and becoming pregnant. In fact, eggs obtained from the largest follicle in natural cycle egg collection can be expected to be most pregnant.

However, in order to exert this "natural power", it is necessary to have an optimal hormonal balance, and unfortunately it is not possible to exert "natural power" due to hormonal disturbance due to the decrease in the number of ova in the ovaries, Some patients find it difficult to ovulate good eggs.

We believe that the problem for these patients is not that there is no good egg, but that they do not show the power of nature.

As the treatment approaches the nature, the "natural power" becomes more important.However, it may take a preparation period to exert the "natural power", so that you can get pregnant more efficiently in the natural cycle. In order to do so, it is necessary to devise ways to acquire eggs that are good even in the preparation cycle, where the power of nature cannot be demonstrated.

Our hospital has a technical tie-up with Kato Ladies Clinic, which conducts more than 20,000 natural cycle in vitro fertilizations per year. .

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