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Submitted by Micky on 07/01/2019

Would like to get more info about gestational surrogacy with own oocytes

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I was wondering about gestational surrogacy with my own oocytes. Gestational Surrogacy with own oocytes basic package (if you have it), and Gestational Surrogacy with own oocytes guaranteed package (what is included, what is not included, accommodation, transfer from the airport, how much time should I stay in Ukraine, will you help with legislation process, when should I come to Ukraine to take my newborn baby (before the baby is born or after the baby is born)? Would you be so kind to send the info via email? Thank you!

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Biotexcom is amazing

Biotexcom is amazing! I was fighting with infertility for 6 years, underwent 5 IVF cycles, but the successful one was done at Biotexcom. I am so grateful to its doctors and the whole staff. They are really supportive. Biotex service is professional (and affordable)

Submitted by Lorelei on 12/24/2019

Decent cooperation

I appreciate their quick replies and moreover my friendly relationships with managers. Thank you for your good job. Our twins were born with your help! I am ready to recommend Biotexcom,

Submitted by Pete Magee on 12/24/2019

A nice clinic

I entered the egg donation program there. I'm fully satisfied with the service. All Biotex employees are professional and helpful. Our efforts resulted in a pregnancy! It was a pleasure to meet their team.

Submitted by Zorica Trevor on 12/24/2019