Ovoria Egg Bank

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L'viv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

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Ovoria Egg Bank
102 Antonovycha St
L'viv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

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English Russian
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Monday — Friday: 08.00 — 19.00 (08.00 am — 07.00 pm)
Saturday: 09.00 — 15.00 (08.00 am — 03.00 pm)
Sunday: day off

Ovoria Egg Bank

Ovoria Egg Donor Bank is a science-driven, customer-oriented worldwide egg donor bank. 

We are making new life possible by offering the highest quality donor oocytes for intended parents and fertility clinics. Launched in 2001, Ovoria unveiled the best standards in oocytes vitrification, thawing and distribution all over the world. 

Why do you need to choose Ovoria Egg Donor Bank?

  1. International fertility expertise
  2. Large egg donor selection
  3. Science-driven egg donor bank 
  4. Anonymous and Open ID egg donors
  5. Family limit control
  6. Transparent ART industry standards 
  7. Quality in the first place 
  8. Worldwide deliver

Clinical Team

Our highly experienced team of professionals includes fertility specialists, embryologists, geneticists who have academic degrees in medicine and are members of ESHRE, ASRM and UARM. They have been constantly improving their knowledge and skills, implementing cutting-edge techniques in order to turn your dream of a happy family into reality.

Trust the Leader

Combining the cutting edge cryo solutions, rigorous donor screening using extended genetic testing of 400+ gene disorders, Ovoria Egg Donor Bank has become the leading egg door bank on the market. 

Ovoria is a licensed tissue centre that is operating according to the European Tissue Directive, Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Egg donor screening and genetic testing are performed to the international ART associations requirements.

Ovoria Egg Donor Bank Offer Complex Solutions

Ovoria has its own clinical facilities based on Medicover fertility clinic in Ukraine where the complex egg donor process is managed: egg donor recruitment, screening, oocytes, retrieval, vitrification, storage and distribution. We offer a comprehensive solution: from oocytes vitrification to the delivery of biomaterial to the customer clinic. 

Real Life Values

Having 20 years of experience on the market and delivering oocytes to more than 50 clinics in over 30 countries worldwide, Ovoria has a deep understanding of customers' needs: both individual patients and clinics. Ovoria is not on;y about success rates and guarantees systems, it is about excellent egg donor quality, desire to help women sense the happiness of motherhood. Aren't these real-life values? 

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