Cambridge IVF

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Cambridge, England, CB2

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Cambridge IVF
Maris Ln
Cambridge, England, CB2
United Kingdom

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Monday to Friday 8am — 4pm
Saturday 9am — 1pm

Cambridge IVF

Cambridge IVF's was officially opened in May 2012 but our heritage goes back to the early 1990s when the Rosie maternity hospital's assisted conception satellite service was first licensed. We have a purpose-built unit providing a full range of fertility treatments.  At its heart is a team that will bring you quality care, the best in science and the latest in research so that between us we can help you create your future.

Cambridge IVF has been designed around your needs and we want you to be confident in your treatment and comfortable in your surroundings.  Part of Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) but located away from the main hospital campus, we provide a discrete, supportive and welcoming environment with state-of-the-art facilities offering a safe and seamless experience from investigation to treatment.

Creating our relationship with you – personalised care

Your care and treatment is unique to you and we will involve you every step of the way offering advice that is based on good-quality evidence, years of practical experience and our knowledge of the latest research.   We’ll make sure you always have time to air your views on how your treatment should be managed and you’ll be included in any decisions taken during key stages of your treatment.  At the same time we will keep in mind the small things that make life easier: flexible appointment times, complimentary parking, and support beyond consultation and treatment.  

Creating the right environment – expertise and safety

Cambridge IVF has been designed to provide what few units anywhere can match in terms of equipment and safety.  Our sophisticated laboratory suite has been equipped with the very best in leading-edge technology to prevent risk, improve efficiency and give the best possible platform to help you conceive. 

Safety and confidence in our processes are built into the DNA of Cambridge IVF.  We have an electronic system to constantly monitor our laboratory equipment to protect your developing embryos in every way possible.  We were the first service in the East of England to use a technology called RI Witness – a robust identification system designed to eliminate the risk of errors in the IVF laboratory.  We know how important security and confidence are to you and we have taken every possible step to demonstrate that the safety and quality of your developing embryos is our primary concern.