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Submitted by Hazel M. on 01/10/2023

Horrible Experience

Overall Rating

If you are a surrogate looking to work with a company do NOT go here. They are the very definition of every horror story out there for surrogates. So much that I am considering calling the news papers and local news station to expose them.

GSI will tell you that they are "here to support you" & "they are with you every step of the way". Don't believe it! I know first hand that they don't stand by their surrogates they treat them like cows! Their case managers are unorganized, it's all not the case managers fault because the owner is EXTREMELY unorganized and heartless. She is constantly late for intro meetings, she forgets to do things and she misplaces medical records, mind you all these are important items for the Surrogate to get paid. The surrogacy journey is supposed to be a peaceful, wonderful, and a life changing experience. You will be used and abused by this thankless company and also loose money, because they will find every way to not pay you what is in your contract!

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