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Submitted by Jamie Le on 09/22/2022

Terrible experience

Overall Rating

Took 3 calls to get scheduled (they didn't "see" my referral on the bottom of my husband's). They never indicated they had a urologist on staff, so my husband had a consult (as per CFI's recommendation) elsewhere, and they were clearly peeved. When I was seen, Mr. Anders was the most unprofessional provider I have ever encountered. She laughed at a legitimate question I asked about sedation, and then she denied laughing when we confronted her. A nurse barged in when I was in a compromising position and undressed from the waist down, so that anyone in the hallway could have seen me exposed. After Ms. Anders warned me that an AMH of over 4 could be concerning, I received a result from LabCorp that was much higher. No one from CFI bothered to call and explain my results. When I called, the nurse said "that's excellent." Contradicting what the NP had said. So which is it - is a high AMG good or bad? We have switched clinics and are not looking back

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